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pilate at el mocombo...


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opener... kill the lights...
they were really wicked, kind of a male yeah yeah yeahs meets the killers vibe to it... i've actually never seen a show so packed there, i usually go to places that have ridiculous capacity, small venue shows are wicked though...
bought their cd, got a chance to hang with them, from montreal, they're pretty cool people....


pilate's set was wicked, i can't stop listening to their new album... i doubt anyone was there from here, but it really was a cool night... todd sounds even better live than on the albums... really amazing night, got VERY hammered and ended up at raq n waq doing shots of tequila with kill the lights and my girlfriend that came with me... ugh, so hungover today...



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I woulda gone but:

a) tuesdays are garbage night
b) I have no money
c) I had to go to the gym
d) I suck

Also, there was some dumb crap you had to do to get the tickets by giving Edge 102 your email address so they could spam you with shit or something.

The album is awesome, though.