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Pics from Howells/New tracks from moi


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Okay, I've never figured out how the fuck to post pics on here. Every time I try to do so, it doesn't work. So I've given up. To go and see pics from Howells a few weeks back, go here:


This web space also happens to be my website, so feel free to have a look around.

Lastly, I have a few new tracks posted up at:


The new tracks are 'Pain', 'Touch' and 'The Burn' remixed by Dave 'Atnarko' Ross out of Orlando, Florida. All of them are unsigned, but I'm currently doing the rounds with several labels. Feel free to download away and let me know if you're burning things to CD to play out as I can provide you with better quality audio.

I'd appreciate any comments on the music, so feel free to leave messages in this thread or email me at slamwerks@hotmail.com

Jay K.
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Thanks man.

Keep the comments coming.

Jay K.

PS - I thought the Howells pics were kind of shitty to be honest. Security was being pricks and not allowing me to get good angles of him DJing.


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Re: your new one

I didn't look at mp3.com, but did you put up that new one you just finished? It really is quite good.
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