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Pics: 05-27-2006 @ The Guvernment with Eddie Halliwell


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Hello Tribe;

Here're a few pics from last night;



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I finally got see Eddie Halliwell after all these years, and he did not disappoint. The first half of his set was bangin' techno, then he moved into more trancey territory. I give full credit to Eddie for actually getting me to dance to trance. It has been quite some time! His scratching was good as well, not too over bearing.

Shame that he did not play for longer.


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I like some of the pics but the over-exposed stuff is just too much. The odd pic with trails is fun but when most of your pics are like this it takes too much away from seeing what was really going on.

Sorry...just my opinion. Take it or leave it.
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Im not a trance fan at all but Halliwell impressed me, for the first few hours. After a while he got way too trancey, most likely because he is a trance dj.
ADDY was amazing as always, spend the best part of my night in the little room behind the orange room.
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imo this is arguably spam.

and the photography is pretty bad.

you need to lose the long exposure shots.

again imo.


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Sleepy Giant said:
How long did he play for?
He started at 1am and was scheduled to play for two hours, but I know he went a bit longer. I'm guessing until about 3:30am-4am.
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