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Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter
Just bought one of these last month. Here next April!

p.s. It's for my daughter of course... hehehe!

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Aaron Bradley

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Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter
How is it? is this primarily for learning how to code?

I actually got it because I have a couple PI's (version 2) running Kodi and when I saw the $99 computer being built on the PI 3, I just had to grab it. I absolutely love gadgets! After I found out what else it could do I just jumped on the campaign and purchased it. It's kind of neat being a part of an Idigogo campaign (my first).

I'm going to use it for 3-d modeling and some coding (already do C#/Java professionally) and will give it to my daughter for her to use when she is ready or willing...

I'll update this thread during the week/weekend and talk about it's features and performance.

Stay tuned 3.14!!