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Phuture Phunk @ B-Side... Opening Night


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it was fun

i'm hungover, everything is foggy, i'll write more later.
p.s. see ya next week angus!!

dj x

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the night looks very promising...altho I never got to stick around for the masses of humanity that showed up....I still had a blast having a quick drink and chatting away bout women


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I had a fantastic time at the grand opening of Phuture Phunk. It was great. People came, they danced, the had a great time too. The atmosphere in B-Side is incredible. I could not think of a better place to host a night.

Hubba Bubba SMASHED IT!! What a set! While no one was there at the very beginning, he started off with some down tempo funk and worked his way up tempo as the night progressed. Brilliant. He got the people dancing.

Big League Chu stepped up right after that and delivered the funk. Got people dancing even more! It was a great set!

Dave Saddler, one of Toronto's best and most over looked up and comers finished the night off beautifully.

I was so impressed with the way the night went. I actually can't wait for next week! The line up consists of Toronto's DJ X, myself, and driving all the way in from London: Madhatter! The cover is a mere $5.00 before midnight. Come on out and experience the atmosphere, and the vibe... the real, genuine vibe.

Breaks. It's all about balance. Not been getting enough breaks recently? Then come to Phuture Phunk! Support your locals! Support your up and comers!!


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well, the hangover is gone so now i can write clearer post of my evening at Phuture Phunk....

all i gotta say is - DAMN breaks makes me smile. there is just something about it- a huge grin comes over my face and i just can't help but dance!! Thursday nite was certainly no exception! thank you thank you Dan for giving us something fun and cheap (well, if you don't drink the amount i did!) to do on thursday nites!!
the bside is a great place and the crowd that came out to support was great!!
anyways, i had a lovely evening- lots of my favourite breakers were out and generally mayhem ensued!! chatting, drinking, laughing, dancing - so fun!!

looking forward to this thursday!