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Phunkfest II review


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haha i didnt go (@work) but i can tell it was pretty sick (considering the lineup)

so who's been there? and who managed to get home afterwards?

(Please Post Pretty Pics Peeps)


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I can say that I had such an amazing night - I dont think I stopped dancing till the end...lots of familiar faces...The jungle was incredible, but my highlight of the evening was Krafty Kuts - wicked wicked breaks, nice and up tempo, w/ a few jungle tracks thrown in for good measure!! D-Monic came on after, but he was a bit draggy so I lost my groove a bit...Never made it to the hiphop room...my legs are now in need of serious repair...and sleep is imminent (god I sound like mcbee


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An all breaks party!!! Was defintely one that i didn't want to miss!! I don't know why but I didn't really expect too many ppl to be there but when I got there @ 12 or so there was quite the line up!! First set I caught was big leauge chu. Wikkid wikkid set!! Just danced my ass off!!
Next up was Krafty kuts...his set was alright...but i was in the mood for FUNKY FUNKY ASS breaks and i was left hanging after chu's set....dmonic.....um....well...sorta got bored...so i left.

But overall it was the most fun i've had in a while! Nice to see some TBK there...I met ritka and loress. Too bad i didn't get to talk to ya much but i was pretty tired.

Anways, toronto needs MORE all BREAKS PARTIES!!!

Temper Tantrum

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I heard this conversation in the washroom
"What type of music IS this? I've never heard it at a party before"
"This is breaks"
"This fucking ROCKS"
A lesser known sub-genre growing in popularity among the toronto music scene, this conversation emplified last night's party and the music for me. For one, I'm a recently converted breaks fan, but after last night all I can say is BREAKS BREAKS AND MORE BREAKS. I had to stop dancing at the end of the night because I'd been going so hard my legs were shaking an uncapable of controlling themselves. I was nicely Surprised by Big Lee Chu's set, does that man know how to throw those records down! But if there is a god, last night he was known as Krafty Kuts, never in my life have a seen a crowd go so crazy to some phat break beats. I just stood in awe. Then got over it and started dancing. Only real dissapointment of the night was D-Monic, wasn't up to par and his music was off tempo/vibe from the music from the rest of the night.
Though I spent way too much money, word out to Toronto to watch out for Sunday Night Sessions with Allie and Kevin (and when she gets back, Sarah!
) Props out to the TBK massive, I can never turn around at a party nowadays without meeting someone, or have someone come up to me , and that's the best feeling in the world.

The two hours of sleep on Kevin's bed didn't do it. I'm crashing. But despite my exhausted, battered body all I can think is : I WANNA DO IT AGAIN!

Great party.

t. tAnTrUm
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Big League Chu

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OMG!! Breaks has arrived in the Tdot!!
How many people were is the spot last night bustin' out like crazy???
Krafty Kuts was killer and he's a great guy too.
I thought D-Monic's set was tight and had really good energy to it.


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what an unexpectedly wicked night.... wow... krafty kuts was definitely kickin'... lotsa beautiful ladies and lotsa funky dancers... mc nai for the jungle downstairs was SICK... wicked flow...

anyway, kevin, i looked for you but only bumped into allie who said you were present... perhaps next time...


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Such an amazing party!! I had the time of my life!! How could u not......pure breakz! I got their early in the night so I could get my full night of kick ass breakz. Phat Trick spun a good set to kick off the night.......Chu was kickin' as alwayz, the man has yet to dissapoint me! Krafty Kutz was very good, got me dancin' my ass off, could've used some more funky breakz tho......D-monic's set had me dancin' like alwayz......nice way to end ur set..madonna's like a prayer, god i love that song!! Saddler was kickin' ....then i missed RobbG...grrrrrr........but thats okay, i'll see him @ATM.

Met lotza wikkid ppl. Had a great time! I wanna turn bak time to lastnight, over and over again! Wikkid party, wikkid vibe, killer breakz!! Gotta love it!



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Since I only got one night to go out and party this weekend I'm glad this was the one. I knew this night was going to result in intoxication, I was suffering from severe post-raptors-playoffs depression.

I was somehow cheered up by the great music-Colin was rockin it when I got there despite his similar saddened state. Krafty Kuts was wicked. The whole night was too much fun to go on about.

A big thank you to Dan, Pat, France and everyone at System for a great night and the highlight of my long weekend.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by basic:
I can say that I had such an amazing night - I dont think I stopped dancing till the end...lots of familiar faces...The jungle was incredible, but my highlight of the evening was Krafty Kuts - wicked wicked breaks, nice and up tempo, w/ a few jungle tracks thrown in for good measure!! D-Monic came on after, but he was a bit draggy so I lost my groove a bit...Never made it to the hiphop room...my legs are now in need of serious repair...and sleep is imminent (god I sound like mcbee

Alright...that's it..I've lost you completely...

Repent now sinners, the apocolypse is nigh..

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Robb G

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So I've been all over the place since Thursday (Buses,ferries,carides,airplanes and taxis) and even though I wasn't playing until 5 I was there by 1.

It was definetly a wise choice because "EVERYONE WAS THERE" I MEAN IT, EVEVYONE!. And they all seem to be having a blast. Monkey got drunk and was "humping" hordes of unsuspecting victims, Ratika and Loress were dancing up a storm and who could miss Dan running around with a million dollar smile because he finaly threw a breaks party that wasn't just amazing with a great vibe but it didn't break his piggy bank in half.

Krafty tore it up starting with hip hop and ending with drum and bass, playing everyting in between in the process. Dmonic's set was exactly what we needed at 3 am, some
hard and funky breaks that had me dancing and Saddler killed it with his smooth funky style.

I have the upmost respect for everysingle person who went last night, I think we just took our little breaks scene to the next level.

Thanks to Pat, France and Dan who made last the breakbeat party of the year.



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Fun.. fun..FUN!!
Nice to see alot of familiar faces that I don't get to see that often.
Great way to end the weekend



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mmmmm.....BREAKS....YUM. As I too am a recently converted breaks fan, that was the best breaks party I have ever been too. It was like my fourth or fifth time seeing the Big Chu. He never dissapoints. Was my first time seeing Krafty Kutz. He was just as good as everyone said he was. PHAT PHUNKY BEATZ. The vibe was really good. Lotz of very cute girls. Met up with some old friends. Danced my ass off and I can barely walk...it was sooo worth it though.


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Last night was such an amazing way to end the long weekend! An ass shaking night with lots of friends and good laughs. Big League Chu got me dancing (as always), Krafty Kutz set was wikkid and Saddler threw down some Phunky beats that got me movin even tho my legs felt like they were gonna fall off. Gotta love the all BREAKZ party's...keep 'em comin guys!
Overall the night was definitly a 10...wikkid breakz, wikkid crowd and a really nice club. Looking forward to the next long weekend! Jonny, we missed you!


*nice to meet you Temper Tantrum!*


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What I liked most about Krafty Kuts' set was how he played a lot of old school sounding breaks.

Mixing in new.

Also the few garage tracks he threw in were good, too.
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The Electrician

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well what can I say... but Totally the best Breaks party ever to be had in T.O. (Except Throwndown 1) Krafty Kutz was totally off the hook... amazing. I had a blast, saw a TON of people I haven't seen in a LONG time...


peanut butter

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Damn this sounded like a wicked night. I wish I could have made it but had a prior commitment (an annual keg party and beach bender).

Let's see some pictures of this night I missed.


p.s. (I heard that Robb G smells...really bad...ask him about it!)


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Last night was fuckin amazing. Exactly what I needed.

I don't know what you people are talking about..D-monic's set was kickin...I couldn't stop moving, even when my legs were ready to give out

Krafty Kuts..daym that man is WOW.

Big League Chu..was amazing as always.

Thanks Allie..Im never partying with YOU again..lest I be forgotten every time *sniff*

Loress thanks fer bein mah partner in crime

Temper Tantrum

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Just rolled out of bed, more specific props to everyone:

kevin, kyle, ritika and chrissie: here's to the predrinking crew, always wicked partying with you kids

bruno and craig: sorry you guys didn't make it out, but hey there was the pizza and the b-ball game, however dissapointing the loss was.

headwinds, j-hi, D-Cypher, joey, Loress, LRP: great to see you guys all out, you always make the night!

and to all the new people I met (breakz_btch, jess etc.) can't wait to see you guys around at other parties. It was the people as well as the music that really made this night, everyone just wanted to party, and boy did we ever rock System down

t. tAnTrUm
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^^^^ yea it was wikkid meeting u cutie
.....i also met basic, and saw joey again......and oh ya.....livingroompornstar!! Oh and Loress nice partying with u again, u sexxy biatch!!

&lt;---I wanna go bak!!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DJ MONKEY:
I don't know what all the fuss is about....THE PARTY SUCKED.

haha........ur hilarious u drunken maniac!! I think Leo was gettin' off on u.....i don't know....lol!! oops....If Leo see's this I'm gonna get slapped!

I guess I'll see u at the next Trance party!! yeah yeah!! j/k


ecstasy riot

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I went.

Had the time of my life.

Oh. Breaks. Oh.

I was there with lovely people, and Danielle is just sOOO much fun to party with. Oh lord.



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I had a less than stellar evening, but I ended up with some side-splittingly hilarious memories.

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