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Photoshop Help Please


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I need ur help.
2 things, 1-how do I make my image 300dpi cmyk?
2-how do I make it the size of a business cards (my image that is)
I am planning on printing some flyers the size of a business cards and this is what digital told me to do. Can u help my out tribers??????


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i should really be working...
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Post a pic of the one you made out of an apple and three different bottles. I know the apple was Keith's handiwork.

Good god.

da MiGHTy pLUm!

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to make your image 300 dpi
in photoshop, go to image ==> image size

there you can change the settings under Document Settings next to Width and Height. Might be easier to work in inches in your case since you're dealing with a business card it looks like.

and next to resolution, change it to 300 pixels/inch.

if you're working with an image of lower quality/resolution, it will become blurry.

to change from RGB to CMYK is pretty simple.
go to image==>mode==>CMYK Color and that should be it.

one thing when doing that is that I usually suggest flattening your layers since colour values are different from RGB and CMYK and effects may appear different if you change modes while they're still layered. Either that or work in CMYK from the very beginning.

hope that helps. :p



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Start with image at that resolution. Do not upsize the resolution of an existing image

1. Scan the image at 300 dpi at its actual size (hopefully the image you are going to use is the size of your business card or bigger).
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To make the print size the size of a business card, while maintaining the proper dpi, be sure to change the "print size" under "Image > Image Size" to the size of a business card (I don't know the dimensions off hand but a ruler and a business card will do you good)

Proportions must be constrained or else warpage will occur. If you can't get the proper dimensions, you might need to do some rearranging and some cropping.

:) <--- Trying to help.


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for the re-sizing of the image to fit the business card, there's a few different ways of doing it..
try croping it.. (use the square selection tool, fit it around 2 x 3.5 and go to image > crop)
Or go to image canvas size and crop it that way

the better way...
But to keep the whole image in you'll have to re-size it so that it's 300 ppi and it's width is either 3.5 or height is 2 .. then canvas size the rest off.
I wouldn't suggest stretching your image so that it fits.

the best way...
hire a graphic designer :p
(I'll design a simple business card for $50)