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photoshop fonts


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Does anyone know where I can download photoshop fonts? The only free ones I can find are really ghetto ones lined with silver, etc that look like they belong on party flyers circa 1996- I'm looking for ones a little more simple/minimal

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^ True that

And what in the world is a Photoshop font?

There's Adobe fonts. But other then that, type faces (fonts) are not specific to programmes like photoshop or illustrator fonts.

Do you use a Mac? 'cause I have Helvetica Neue Ultra Light , but for mac.


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True photoshop is bad for type but I can't really use Illustrator for what I'm trying to do- InDesign would be ideal but everytime I try to load it on my computer something goes wrong

I'm basically trying to add to the shitty list of fonts I have on photoshop (someone was able to do it for me before but I'm not sure how)

ps- I use pc not mac


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^ too bad

I use Extensis Suitcase to manage my fonts.
For PCs can't you just drop them in the system font folder?


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I assume so- I originally thought fonts were specific to the program used (b/c for some reason the programs on my computer don't have similar typefaces)
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If fonts are in your Fonts folder, they should be available in all programs.

PM me your email address and I'll send you the Helvetica Neue set on Monday.


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P.S.: The fonts folder should be C:\WINDOWS\Fonts or thereabouts, and you can double click on the listed fonts to see what they look like.

In addition, Photoshop uses font files in
Program Files/Common Files/ Adobe/Fonts.

I just wanted to have the last word, without adding anything particularly useful.