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photoshop alternative

Discussion in 'Technology' started by torontobarfly, May 28, 2010.

  1. torontobarfly

    torontobarfly TRIBE Member

    anyone know of any free ware that does some of the stuff photoshop does?

    cropping and resizing...colour correcting...sharpening...etc,etc

  2. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    GIMP its free, for windows, Mac and Linux, and does pretty much all basic to intermediate Photoshop functionality.

    I use it pretty much daily.

  3. torontobarfly

    torontobarfly TRIBE Member

  4. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    holy shit this program is go fucking frustrating. I gave up trying to move a selection futher up.

    It's cute, but it's not photoshop. fak. I was excited too.
  5. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    maybe I should suck it up and try to learn it then.
  6. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    you couldnt figure out how to a move a selection?

    was it a separate layer, did you choose the ' move tool '?

    and like i said, its not photoshop, but does most basic to intermediary functionality.

  7. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

    cha, I know it should be easy. But there is no move tool. fak. I spent forever looking for it.

    i try again.
  8. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    Forget GIMP, it blows.

    Just go and grab Paint.net


    It'll cover everything you need.
  9. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member



  10. JamesM

    JamesM TRIBE Member

  11. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

  12. coleridge

    coleridge TRIBE Member

  13. Aaron Bradley

    Aaron Bradley TRIBE Promoter


    Gimp - GNU = lots of online tutorials and forums. No need for individual posts here. :)

    I used Gimp and Corel and there are some good ones on the web, but you might have to use multiple sites to get the job at hand done.

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