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Photographers please help!!!

Galactic Phantom

TRIBE Member
I know there are great photographers here on tribe and I was hoping I could pick through your galleries.

I'm looking for photos of any major city.

-high resolution
-time of day: morning or afternoon
-weather: overcast or fairly nice

Something like this...

Please PM me.
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Boss Hog

TRIBE Member
that would require going through a shit load of stuff and then scanning and cleaning.

Good luck.

edit: I'm too drunk to.
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TRIBE Member
I would ask Rocky, Tearer or Kenny. They all have great pics of major cities.

Oh, wait. I just saw that Kenny replied.
There are stock photo sites you can go to as well. But those cost money. If it's for work, I think your work would cover it.

If it's for personal use, I would look at photo-blogs and steal.


TRIBE Member
what are the photos going to be used for?

I have lots of photos that are likely what you are looking for.
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