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photochop question

:: salathe ::

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say i have an image like a logo on a white background, and i want to change the background colour. any suggestions how to do this?
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Fill the background colour with a different colour....

Cut out your logo... paste it onto a different background....


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If your background is just one solid color and no complicated images you can also try the selection tool and play with the adjustments..... then try the fill.


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Use the magic wand (you can vary the tolerance) and select the white, then do whatever to the selected area.

Or if you want to change the white to a solid colour, just use the fill bucket (maybe hiding under the gradient tool on your toolbar) and again select your tolerance and fill with your foreground colour.

OR the way I would do it..
Use the magic wand (you can vary the tolerance) and select the white, the go to select inverse. Then copy and paste (automatically to another layer).
Then do as you wish to the layer underneath the logo layer. That way you can put your logo on a background that's not solid.
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