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Phlux's Substance Saturdays in Buffalo

Subsonic Chronic

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What a night of debauchery!
Let's beging with the drinks... one of the reasons I'll be trekking back to the states as often as possible... my faith in American alcohol has been renewed! I discovered that they more than make up for low-alcohol beer with crazy-ass half and half mix drinks. Oh my... what a surprise!
The crowd there was realy cool. It was so nice to party with people who aren't all jaded. There was hardly anyone there wearing the raver "uniforms" of name brand clothes, and people acted and danced like no one was watching them, it was really refreshing! It was evident that they were out to have a good time first and foremost.
The people that I did meet were incredibly kind and hospitable, and I even had a chance to get a couple of zzz's before driving home this morning.

A good time was definitely had by all! Many thanks to the Phlux crew: Harley, Trish, Keith, Steve, and the wonderful people I met last night.

Now I'm off to get some more zzz's... or I'll be hurtin'



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I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Buffalo. What a crazy vibe they have there, so fresh and lighthearted. People smiling and dancing EVERYWHERE and the music was stellar!!! Honestly, I haven't had this much fun in the longest time! The people were so incredibly friendly and I won't even get started on the drinks.. shit! They were sooooo good! mmmm

Special thanks to all those I met last night, Steve, Trish, Tammy, Seth, Keith, Johnny 5, and there were so many more!!! And for letting us crash at your place... (happy b-day Tammy) CRAZY TIMES IN DEED! I will most deffinitely be back! (sooner than later I hope

thanks Phlux...



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thats awesome you guys had a great time.. thanks for coming down and it was great meeting ya's!! The drinks, yea they're lethal! Rob Solo gave that bartender the title of, "greatest bartender in the world" when he was here. None of that measured drink crap, it's all about free pour!! lol.. its funny that the drinks are one of the highlights of the night.

Pete you were great and everyone loved it.. if only ya had spun progressive trance, maybe next time.


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Schhhyeeeaaa! I'm so glad that you had a good time Pete! And it was a pleasure meeting Jason and Johane, you guys are welcome back whenever you want! It is soooo nice to have fine TO talent make the drive to us instead of the other way around!

Hopefully this won't be the last time we all get to hang out and party together!

And Hoooray! for mixed drinks in Buffalo!