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Phlux Prod - New Life Energy (Buffalo)

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ghetto_ama, Apr 30, 2001.

  1. ghetto_ama

    ghetto_ama TRIBE Member

    When I saw the lineup for this party, I was excited as hell : Josh da Funky 1 and DJ FUNK! Yes - I can admit. I love the booty house. But still … how many times do you get to see DJ Funk live? I know he isn't the most techincally accalimed DJ - but still .. an awesome DJ none the less. Anyhow… I came to Buffalo not knowing what there parties were like. Man was I surprised when I got there (but we'll talk about those in a minute)… I came to the "pre-party" outside of the Niagara Falls Convention Centre to see some locals along with our hometown heros Decepticon and Subsonic Chronic spin. I have to give a huge big up to Pete for having me shake my booty in the cold to his set when I hate trance. (Yes - Yes I do… ) Anyhow, after a few delays (speaking with Harley - the promoter - we found out Spacegirl showed up late and hadn't done the soundcheck for her live PA) we finally got in. Nice venue. It was roomy, it had a snack bar (YES .. for all your 2am hungry needs!) and an outdoor place to jus chillax. Seen. Altho I don't remember ANY of the local DJs names - I'll comment on the DJs I do remember. Paladin's set was hard and kicking. I had never experienced it before, and it was sick! Although most people were in the main room (house) … it still had a tight little vibe. After that - all I could was sit and wait for DJ Funk. It seemed like he would never come on. And finally the time did come. Mmmm … It was SO FUCKING GOOD. All those booty house anthems you could shake your ass to and more. I danced my ass off with Laurie and Ritika, plus all the Buffalo kids I was staying with that weekend. His hour seemed to go by so quikly. I was pissed off - I didn't want it to end. But meh. Oh well. Next was Josh da Funky 1 … and he was definaly funky. I must admit - I hadn't had this much fun at a party in forever. It had everything I was looking for and more. (yay house, yay good venue) But it was awesome because the scene down in Buffalo reminded me a lot of our scene in Toronto like 3 years ago. Everyone down there is a partykid just looking to have a good time. No need for stuck up attitudes or whose wearing the phattest gear. It was truly all about the music. And I fo'sure loved it. I'm still trying to fully reccoop from the weekend. I think Im getting sick now, and Im DEAD TIRED. But it was all worth it! Again big shout out to all the T-Ho kids who made it down: Kellan, Colin, Nessa, Glynis, Fawn, Sean, Ryan, Sparkle Crew … and a big shout out to the little TBK crew that "shook our ass" all nite on that goddamn stage: Laurie and Ritika!


  2. Viceroy

    Viceroy TRIBE Member


    Whew!...what a weekend. After going to Detroit on friday with one hour of sleep before this party I didn't know how long I would last. Chris Fortier and Jon Debo rocked the trance room with some amazing tunes. Paladin was soooooo hard, his suit just keeps getting better and better. Dj Funk did lay down some rockin booty...not my style, but he had the crowd going nutz!

    The pre-party was fun, but got damn cold when the sun went down! Pete, your set had everyone shakin while waiting in line...great job! It was good to you see you and Moez, you guys rock!

    Convention center+Phlux=awesome parties!

    Steve [​IMG]
  3. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    ama was nice meetin ya! glad ya had a good time down here!

    my little review...
    the house room was THE place to be ALL night long! it just banged the whole night.... Major Malfunction, Frankie Vega was awesome, a great techno set.. then the man Frankie Bones dropped a sick set going from bangin techno, to tech house to some straight up house and then finishing it all with a nice hip hop track.. Bones spun the most impressive set of the night, definately the best performance I've ever seen of him! Dj Funk had the whole room shakin there asses and just gettin down - i can't remember the last time I saw a dj get the whole party in his hands - everyone was in the room for him - when he finished the place went crazy! I can't wait for him at WEMF now, its gonna be the place to be!! Josh Da Funky 1 is meant for big parties - the guy is that good, his turntablism skills, to track selection, everyone was dancin!!! Unfortunately I had to leave before Rob Solo's set but I'm sure he finished with a solid one!

    was definately a fun time, and thanks to Ritika and the rest of the Canadian caravans for comin to my little after party.. and Entity for spinning also!! [​IMG]
  4. dj bombtrack

    dj bombtrack TRIBE Member

    I really loved Spacegirl's p.a.
    Absolutely fucking amazing German trance.
    Gotta love their sound.

    Frankie Bones kicked my ass as well.

    But I have to say I was really dissapointed with the sound in the Jungle room. Slap an EQ on that bitch or something. The gain was way too high and made my ears bleed. DAMN!!

    Their set up was really good. I respect the fact that I didnt ear any bleeding from either stage.

    The lighting was incredible.

    In all in a pretty good event. I love heading to the states to check out a different scene.

    But the set up at Groove Attack was better.
  5. Dj Mittens

    Dj Mittens TRIBE Member

    Ok...I had like the best time at this party.
    I havnt danced for like 2 hrs Nonstop for over a year....Like in reality i havent danced for more than 5 minutes nonstop at a party in over a year.
    DJ FUNK SUCKS as a DJ but his tracks kick ass so yeah...He cant mix worth his life..but I was dancing for his whole set and it was fun.
    Nice to meet so many new people [​IMG]
    Yeah yeah See you at the next one!
  6. ghetto_ama

    ghetto_ama TRIBE Member

    Hunnie - I agree fully completely. DJ Funk does suck as a DJ, but as a producer - mad respect there. But the thing is ... he is the one DJ you know will throw down all the booty house anthems your dying to hear. Indeed! I would have to agree with you also on the part of dancing. I haven't danced that hard or that much in forever. Then again - I haven't stayed till the end of the party since my very first party. CRAZY! And I was dancin the whole way out.

    Enuff respect tO the Phlux crew for throwing a very sick party! [​IMG] I will definatly keep my eye out for there next event.(Dammit Keith, and you were handing out pre-flyers for that!!! Keep me up to date about them - ok?!)Keith it was great meeting you...I think the best was yelling at Kellan in the VIP rOOm when we were downstairs .. bwahahah! OH GOOD TIMES.

  7. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    I had a pretty good time at this party and stayed a lot longer than I had expected to. I was feeling kinda tired and was epxecting to leave before midnight even (I know, I'm so softcore that it hurts sometimes.)
    Wicked setup inside the giant convention centre. That laser in the trance room was absolutely intense.

    The only set that I really paid attention to was Space Girl. She does such an amazing job with acid builds, but her formula became boring after a while because she spends so much time in the breakdown and not a whole lot on the actual danceable music. It sounded like she did a few covers of some older trance anthems, but with so much more acid!! hehehe...

    We left just after that and went home. A good night indeed, and another job well done by the Phlux crew!

  8. blueker

    blueker TRIBE Member

    This party was amazing! We got there at about 5:30? I wanted to hear Subsonic, but I never saw him up there. I walked by a few times. We went to take pictures at the falls (the Canadian side is definately more breath- taking). And we ate at Deny's, yum yum! The people down there were really nice. It seemed like the rest of the day draged on forever. We finally got into the party at 10:30. And these guys that parked near our car partied with us all night, they were wicked!(from Siracuos, sp?) When we got in there I felt like I was in an airport because the entrance is huge and you have to walk through those gates. Anyways, Darren Jay fuckin' rocked! I wish I knew the name of one of the traks he played. He gave me a kiss on the cheek! And I was out of film, I wanna kill myself! AAAHHH!
    L Natural; very hype! I had to keep going to the bathroom to get a couple of my girl- friends out of there, I'm like "the party's out here!" I can't believe you were there Ritika, where were you hiding all night? Frankie Bones was awesome, and I really en- joyed Josh da funky 1! Kid Epic was pretty cool too. It sucked when they turned on the lights and kicked us out! I have a question: was there a girl with blond curly hair there that belongs to the board? After I thought about it she looked familiar from Ritchie Hawtin. The whole roadtrip was more fun than I've had in a long time! I'm sorry I missed all you Tribe kids, I had no idea any of you were going.

  9. ~decepticon~

    ~decepticon~ TRIBE Promoter


    that is all

    thanks phlux [​IMG]

  10. ~Loress~

    ~Loress~ TRIBE Member

    WOW! All I can say is fun times were had by all....and I'm still recovering!!! I'd been anticipating this party for months and I must say it was truly worth the wait! Big ups to the predrinking krew, thanks Ryan&Sean<---from Email*LOL*
    I think I'm gunna have to kill you Sean for making me wear those ghetto devil horns all nite, but its all good! I haven't partied like that in a loooong time [​IMG] Frankie Bones once again blew me away, DJ Funk had me shakin my booty hard but it was Josh Da Funky1 that made my nite!!! This was my second time seeing him (caught him at Liquid) HOLY SHEEIT!!!!! Wikkit track selection and siiick scratchin! This guy has mad skillz...and he played 50,000 WATTS which is one of my all time fav tracks [​IMG]*and I scored his cd* wooohooo!
    I pretty much spent my entire nite on the stage in the house room so I couldn't even tell you how the rest of the party was. Also ventured on over to the afterparty once the lights came on (did we really dance for 10hrs?) but I just couldn't deal with the trance...needed sleep! All in all a great time. Much thanx to Sean, Ryan, Ritika, Ama, Kellan, Kyle, Blake, Miss Mittens, and the rest of the crew that made it so much fun [​IMG]
  11. ~Loress~

    ~Loress~ TRIBE Member

    hmmm...that was probably me [​IMG]

  12. SpEcS

    SpEcS TRIBE Member

    I had a hell of a lot of fun at that party.....

    Wow...was it jsut me or was this the description of every Toronto kid there...

    *munch munch munch*

    or was it just me [​IMG]

    Overall the music kicked ass and at about 1 I was finally able to dance and run around. I will definately be coming back fro Groove Attack 3 in September.

    The only shitty thing is being sick after...

    Ah well...

    Thanks to all the Toronto kids and my Buffalo crew who made it fun all night long....(especially ama and karen)

    p.s. Pete.....grand total....4000
  13. ghetto_ama

    ghetto_ama TRIBE Member

    Yes ... so muthafukin sick.
    But in the end .. it was all wOrth it!

  14. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    HMMMMM i got there late cus of the people i came with we walked in like 2:30 so i missed space girl and paladin ,i was all hype about this party blaa blaa blaa i was still sketched out from ascension the night before which i must say ascension blew away that cheezy party PHLUX ,the place was empty ,there was no vibe,i think there were more security then partiers,i thought chris fortier was amazing from the stuff i downloaded off of napster then when i heard him at PHLUX i almost fell asleep,same with john debo ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZ kid epic put on a good set atleast he woke me up for the drive home...All i can say is it's good to be back in toronto where the real parties are ,you don't know how good toronto is until you go to a pile of shit like that party,the set up was good and the lazer show was cool but the music was just WEAK no vibe at all it wasn't my type of party..next up Blacklights Activists mmmmmmmmmmmmm can't wait for this party probably only a few hundred will show up cus the PSY Trance hasn't really taken off here in toronto but i'm sure the vibe will be there and alot of freaky people and Wizzy Noise live whooo hooo now thats a live PA..ta ta for now
  15. girl friday

    girl friday TRIBE Member

    Oh man oh man oh man

    josh da funky absolutely rocked my world. I was dancin on stage for a bit with ritika and laurie but i couldn't even handle dit i needed way more dance space. He spun me into the zone and i am grateful for every minute. WOW. i really liked whoever played after him as well, old school tracks and skanty sandwich mmmm!

    Venue was so great as were the lazers in the trance room. If you've wondered where all of the ravers have gone they're in Buffallo.

    It was pure eye candy all night and so much fun. Great people, great music, great space.

    Plus it was really well organized. Shout outs to Phlux, sorry you didn't get more people, even though it rocked for those of us who love to dance.

    This party reminded me whole heartedly just how good big events can be. i can hardly wait for the next one [​IMG]

    PS entity you rock, can't believe you had me dancing at the afterparty even when i was wearing 6 layers of clothing [​IMG]
  16. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    You guys are lucky! Phlux throws wicked parties!
    I totally forgot about this one for some reason...I'll be at the next for sure.
  17. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    Nope this one sucked but you can see them in july when they join WEMF maybe it'll be a better lineup
  18. ThePlunger

    ThePlunger TRIBE Member

    How 'bout those HOT chicks dancing on stage????? Boy, wouldn't I love to meet one of those girls! [​IMG]


  19. swizzykrissy

    swizzykrissy TRIBE Member

    My First Party across the Border:

    I actually came down on friday night with Matt (decpticon), We wanted to hit up Technic III to see Bad Boy Bill, and Flipside and Freaky. Our Hotel was the Holiday Inn right across the road from the Convention center, How SwEEt is that? We even had window's facing the venue!!

    We hit up Technic III with Josh da Funky 1, Harley, and stopped off to get Nat and Steve on our way, got there just as Bill was Slammin the beats!! Set times were 10 min behind schedule, so a lot of waiting around, but I didn't mind at all, the vibe seemed pretty freash!! I must admit, I've never really seen Flippy and Freaky do their shit, but WoW! I was definately impressed! My favourite part: When Flippy changed his voice to this really deap raspy type voice, I was like WHAT??? Hahahaha... jokes!! Nat is so talkative!! What a nice guy!!

    I didn't stay to see the end of his set, we were so tired, so Matt, Josh and I headed back to the hotel around 4:30, got lost, but finally got back on track after a couple phone calls to Harley!! Hahahaha...

    Saturday was my favourtie day!! Went shoppin when we woke up, Galleria Mall. Came back just as the pre party had begun, Matt and Josh ventured over, I caught some more Z'ss. Matt was on at 9 so we walked on over and he got set up... The line was already forming! The crowd loved Matt's scratching, and why wouldn't they? He kicks ass!! We were so hungy after that we orderd some pizza then hit the party with Josh around 2 to catch Funks set. I've never seen him play before, one thing that dissapoints me... I didn't see the crowd going wild!! I so wanted to break out with some bOOty dancin but felt wierd cause not many others were!! Well, LORI!! definately shook some madd Ass!! LoL!! and those horns were cute! O

    OH MY! Josh da Funky 1 was awesome!!! he plays the stuff I love! He had the crowd going abosolutely nuts!! And he's cute too!!

    One thing I really liked, the organization Phlux put into this party, great venue!!, love the bubble wrap, and Toronto promoters should take notes on people moving... there was no massive line up all night long like most Toronto parties, not cause of lack of people but because they do it right!! One pet peeve, paying $40 bucks for a ticket then having to wait in a slow moving never ending line for 3 hours!! *urgh*

    So yea that was my buffalo experience!! and I'd definately do it again!!

  20. blueker

    blueker TRIBE Member

    Hey Loress, it was you then, nice meeting you again! Next time I'll know it's you for sure [​IMG] I was wearing an orange t-shirt by the way.

  21. DJ Entity

    DJ Entity TRIBE Member

    What a wicked party. Phlux once again displayed what full scale events should be like. I can honestly say the visuals were the best I've ever experienced. Most of the sets were enjoyable but Josh Da Funky 1 was ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!. I've never really seen anyone incorporate turntableism and beat-juggling into a house set but he did it with ease. Dirty.
    Oh and for those who are wondering where all the ravers went in T.O, they're in buffalo.
    Brought back some good memories. Thanx Mal and Geoff...rey. Well be sure to REV it up
    many more times.
  22. DJ Entity

    DJ Entity TRIBE Member

    And Viceroy I hope you get drives to every gig you play at for the rest of you life. you deserve it man.
  23. ghetto_ama

    ghetto_ama TRIBE Member

    Yea - I went to go see Bad Boy Bill on Friday night too... it wasn't bad. But nothing to really go on about. I found the venue was a little crowded... I couldn't dance as much as I wanted too - and I left early, so I didn't get to see Bad Boy Bills set. I will say this tho. The security at the club were superb! My friend Karen wasn't feeling well - so we left so I could put her to bed. (She hadn't done drugs, I think she was coming down w/ the flu or something .. ) Anyways, they brought us out water - called us a cab, when our first cab didn't show up... and waited with us until it came. Now that is jus great. How many security guards / clubs do you kno that will dO that. I was VERY impressed. Hahah - the one memory I have from BBB was yelling at him when he got out of the car. I said something along the lines of : "Can I have yOur rekkids!!" ... I don't spin. I jus couldn't think of anything to say. (lol - yes, I am an idiot!) Flex played a nice set before hand - but he kept talking through all of the fucking tracks which were driving me nuts. Whoever whent on before Flex.. well they were pretty bad. They couldn't even beat match.. but I liked there track selection.. It kept my booty shaking. [​IMG] trOO say!

    Christine, I think I met you on the way out before the party started on Saturday with Matt... ? I was with Kellan bitching about how he had dressed me up? I ono... [​IMG]

    I was happy with my Buffalo experience. All the house that I needed all crammed into one weekend.


  24. swizzykrissy

    swizzykrissy TRIBE Member

    Yes that was me ama!! hahaha big red!! I remember!!

    I think i've talked to you before along time ago, I work at the same mall as you... [​IMG]
  25. Viceroy

    Viceroy TRIBE Member

    Thanks bro, I'm sorry I had duties to fulfill during the afterhours, I'm glad you were able to throw down though...from what I hear it was slammin!

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