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Phishing emails just get better and better


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Just got this one in my work email....i would say this one is better than the TD one i got a few wks ago...

Body of email:

Dear CitiBank member,

We are looking forward to your assistance and understanding and inform you about new CitiBusiness® department system updrade performed by security management team in order to protect our clients from increased online fraud activity, unauthorized account access, illegal money withdrawal and also to simplify some processes.

The new updated technologies guaranty convenience and safety of CitiBusiness® account usage. New services for your account will be effective immediately after an account confirmation process by a special system activation application.

To take an advantages of current updrade you should login your account by using CitiBusiness® Online application. For the purpose please follow the reference:


Please note that changes in security system will be effective immediately after relogin.

Current message is created by our automatic dispatch system and could not be replyed (note the spelling mistake). For the purpose of assistance, please use the "User Guide" reference of an original CitiBusiness® website.

Sincerely yours,
CitiBusiness® Security Team.

the actual weblink is:

http://citibusinessonline.da-us.cltidank.com/cbusol/signon.do even tho w/in the body of the email it states it's https

nice little verisign logo but the credentials have expired
disclaimer about email scams

guess ppl have to make a living somehow
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I entered something fake and it said invalid something or other, and there's an 800 number you can call if you're having difficulty. I wonder if that will get you to Citi or the phishermen?


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My boss got one the other day, too. The grammar is horrendous. Blatently asks for your user details, too. Phishing at it's phinest. ;)

From: "CITIBUSINESS® 2006" <online-support_id_7036914541@citi.com>
Date: March 15, 2006 6:59:35 AM EST
Subject: 0fficial Information To CitiBusiness Clients

Dear CitiBusiness client,

The CitiBusiness Technical Department is performing a scheduled software upgrade to improve the quality of the banking services.

By clicking on the link below you will begin the procedure of the user detail confirmation.


These instructions are to be sent to and followed by all CitiBusiness clients.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for cooperation.

CitiBusiness Technical Service.


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except for a few commas missing, i don't see such 'horrendous' grammar.

tribe's grammar=> now THAT'S horrendous
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kuba said:
except for a few commas missing, i don't see such 'horrendous' grammar.

tribe's grammar=> now THAT'S horrendous

The one deevah posted reads like it was written by Borat. Agreed on the Tribe grammar though. Some people can't even be bothered to capitalize 'I'. ;)


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just imagine what'll happen as these evolve:

1) hire someone that speaks english to write the email
2) profit

Ditto Much

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domain: citibahnk.com
owner: Kenneth Weeks
email: k.weeks@consultant.com
address: 13317 Sequoia St.
city: Victorville
state: California
postal-code: 92392
country: US
phone: +17609515342
admin-c: k.weeks@consultant.com
tech-c: k.weeks@consultant.com
billing-c: k.weeks@consultant.com
nserver: ns.dnsfs.com
nserver: ns1.dnsfs.com
nserver: ns.dnsbase.org
nserver: ns1.dnsbase.org
nserver: ns.nsbdb.com
nserver: ns1.nsbdb.com
status: hold,infringe-3rd-parties
created: 2005-10-12 12:14:05 UTC
modified: 2005-11-02 14:41:14 UTC
expires: 2006-10-12 08:14:04 UTC
source: joker.com live whois service
query-time: 0.033911
db-updated: 2006-03-17 19:29:49

Ditto Much

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On Oct. 22, the Commission entered a default judgment against David A.
Hesterman and Kenneth L. Weeks. The respondents had appealed an initial
decision of an administrative law judge wherein the law judge found that
the respondents had violated various securities laws, including the
registration and antifraud provisions. The law judge ordered the
respondents to make disgorgement and imposed other sanctions, including
monetary penalties.

On June 6, 2002, the respondents filed an untimely illegible brief with
the Commission. The Commission directed the respondents to file a
legible brief and were informed the Commission might deem them in
default if they failed to do so. Following the respondents' failure to
cure their deficient filing, the Commission entered a default judgment
against them and summarily affirmed the initial decision of the law
judge as to these respondents.

The Commission ordered the respondents to cease-and-desist and barred
them from participating in any offer of penny stock. The Commission
imposed a civil penalty of $250,000 on Hesterman and a civil penalty of
$200,000 on weeks. It further ordered each of them to pay disgorgement
as follows: Hesterman to disgorge $852,600; Weeks to disgorge
$2,443,830; and Hesterman and Weeks (jointly and severally) to disgorge
$273,513. The Commission also ordered each of the respondents to pay
prejudgment interest. (Rel. 33-8139; 34-46703; File No. 3-9952)

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