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Philthkids presents Teddy Shuckles - The Oh Shucks Mix

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by topsecret, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. topsecret

    topsecret TRIBE Member


    Bambounou - Nappy Head
    Basement Jaxx - Everybody - Canblaster's Ballroom Remix
    Canblaster - Jetpack
    Larry Teee and Princess Superstar - Licky - Herve Goes Low Remix
    Jack Beats - Revolution
    Ola Joyce - Window Shopping - Savage Skulls Remix
    Yolando Be Cool feat DCUP - We no Speak americano - Urchins Remix
    Spoek Mathambo - Mshini Wam - Canblaster Remix
    Maddjazz - N2 the Music
    Diplo and Blaqstarr - Get Off - Rob Threezy Remix
    Philydelphyinz - Mustache Love - Rob Threezy Remix
    Sia - Clap Your Hands - Diplo Remix
    Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi - Kingdom Remix
    Dj Assault - Gay Guy
    Dj Zinc - Music Makers
    Japanese Telecom - Beta Capsule
    L-Vis 1990 ft Shadz - Forever You

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