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Philly suggestions


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i have 1 day in philly. i wish it were more time.

i need suggestions please.

architecture, landmarks, museums.

i will be there friday night and would love get my drink on with some live philly soul. or maybe dinner at one place then drinks at another, then maybe a club technics1200?

or maybe a phillies game?

what say ye?
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I *just* got back from there!

re:architecture, landmarks, museums, you are in one of the best cities!

Theres the Philadelphia Museum of Art(Rocky steps) Independence Hall area, Liberty Bell, Penns Landing, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington Sq park, City Hall is amazing.

I was staying north in Valley Forge for a trade show, so I cant speak to nightlife, I did eat at Tony Lukes, and Morimoto, and both were excellent!

You can take the Broad st train south to the Phillies game, really nice stadium, the Eagles, Phillies and Flyers all play in the same complex, good tailgate area!

You can order Tony Lukes at the ballpark too!