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Philly - Ottawa

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Anyone catch the highlights of this game??

Holy fuck!! Fight night in Philly.

Fight after fight after fight. Even Lalime and Esche got into it.

Totally nuts.
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Good ole Canadian Hockey!



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Philadelphia enforcer Donald Brashear and the Senators' Rob Ray started the fighting by dropping their gloves with 1:45 left. As they skated off the ice, the rest of the players joined in, including the goalies as Ottawa's Patrick Lalime skated the length of the ice to go after Robert Esche.

Once play resumed, all the players, except the new goalies, immediately went after each other. After play resumed again, Philadelphia's Michal Handzus and Ottawa's Mike Fisher went at it. Another fight broke out 30 seconds later. Finally, Philadelphia's Patrick Sharp and Ottawa's Jason Spezza finished it off.
The Flyers had seven players remaining and Ottawa had six as the game ended.

All this while Ottawa's two dirtiest players remained on the bench.


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wow. just finished watching the game.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

419 penalty minutes in total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND.... these guys play one more time before the season is up.

LOL... it's gonna be a fuckin' gong show.

Brashear is an animal. I still can't believe everyone felt so much pity for him when he took that high stick to the head.


anyhow... time for bed... a big day of college hoops tomorrow. :)
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Lalime is all right, man. His scrap with Byron Dafoe two seasons ago was great. Wonder if Ray wished he was still doing the Sabres TV show after the Brashear tussle.


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hahahah, yeah.. he took it like a champ. I'm most def gonna try and catch the next game between these two.


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I loved how Bobby Clark tried to 'talk' to Jacque Martin after the game. Martin of course stayed in the dressing room. I guess it's true the players do take after their coaches. In the highlights they showed Hitchcock instructing his players something, I would love to hear what he was saying.


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Who are these dickheads they always refer to that say that fighting in hockey has to end? That was old school hockey and Rob Ray said it was good for hockey... and I agree.


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Watched the highlights last night - holy fuck!! I wish I'd seen that one live.

Let's hope they meet in the playoffs and beat eac other up before they play us.
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Clarke speaks out. Shit's gonna go down again in April!

Clarke still angry with Martin

PHILADELPHIA (CP) -- Ken Hitchcock doesn't know the lyrics to Kumbaya, and he's not about to learn them.

The Flyers' head coach and Ottawa's Jacques Martin will be assistants to Pat Quinn on Canada's coaching staff for the World Cup of Hockey this summer, and the two are not on buddy-buddy terms after a brawl-filled game Friday night in which Philadelphia beat Ottawa 5-3.

"I know one thing," says Hitchcock. "Between Pat (Quinn), myself, Wayne Fleming and Jacques, when we get together at the World Cup, we're probably not going to have a group hug or sing Kumbaya."

Flyers GM Bob Clarke referred to Martin as a "gutless puke" in one report, setting the stage for more mayhem when the Senators returns to Philadelphia on April 2.

Clarke had to be restrained from getting to Martin outside the Ottawa dressing room Friday night. He was incensed that in the final two minutes Martin sent out Chris Neal, who went after pacifist forward Radovan Somik.

"I would not have hit him -- I am not that stupid," Clarke told the Philadelphia Inquirer following the Flyers' 2-1 loss Saturday in Washington when he was asked about trying to get to Martin the previous night. "But I would have confronted him.

"I understand Rob Ray fighting Donald Brashear. That's OK. Even Mark Recchi and Patrick Sharp, they can fight. But don't go after guys who don't know how to defend themselves like Somik and (Mattias) Timander.

"I don't think a guy like that should send players out to beat the crap out of players who can't fight. I wanted to say something. It's not like (Martin) is a big, tough bugger whose teams play that way and stuff.

"What Neil did is not something to be proud of. I'm ticked off that a player like Neil would go after a player like Somik. If Martin says it's not his responsibility, then he doesn't have control of his bench."

The Senators contended it all started when Donald Brashear pummelled Ray into a bloody mess. Martin sent Ray onto the ice on a line change when Brashear already was on the ice.

The 419 total penalty minutes set an NHL record. The 213 by the Flyers were also a league record.

"Martin will say he didn't send Ray out to fight," Clarke said. "Well, he sure as hell didn't send Rob Ray out there to win the game at the end."

Ottawa players kept "jumping on (deleted) Europeans," Clarke claimed.

"Martin sends out somebody to jump on (Sami) Kapanen? What the (deleted) is going on with that?" Clarke was quoted in the Delaware Daily Times.

"That gutless puke Martin doing that (deleted). But when you pull that (deleted) off it comes back to get you. They have to come in here one more time. They won't be able to hide (Daniel) Alfredsson and (Marian) Hossa and all those guys then."


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"our line starts tonight coach?"

"hey coach, what are you doing to the bus?",