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Pheek new album


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Hello all,

A bit of self-promo to share the news of a new album coming out on my own label. It will be a CD and a 2x12". You can get the first preview here.

Come and listen, thanks for your support ;)
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more modern jack then the oldskool long lush pad pheek rockin da elf dub..
dont get me wrong, i love the "En Légère suspension", its deep and full of programing, funkalicious!!
"Aye Aya Ashawa" setting up a good mood, "Orage solaire" is just crazy deep and kepps on diggin, and "qui je suis" banks it home with its future phunk..
word JP, nice album, let me know when its ready for purchase.. i would love to have a copy..
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thanks all for your nice words !
I just received the CDs so I will be able to take orders. You can contact me at info (at) pheek dot com.