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Phaze-1, Dec. 1/01, Halifax, Feat. DJ Tilz and SOS


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PHAZE 1 info:
December 1, 2001
Halifax, NS.

Headlining DJs -
SOS - (Toronto - Sounds of Sugoi, TTC, 1groove.com, DAMN!) - Hard Trance
One of Halifax's favorite dj's, and always a crowd pleaser, SOS makes his way back to town.
His hard styles and heavy sound join together to dazzle your senses and toy with your mind.

Tilzs - (Minnesota - Sonicfury.net, Madness & Mayhem Recordings) - Hard Trance/Acid Tech
Originally from small town Minnesota, Tilzs has been one of the driving forces behind the growing popularity of freeform/trancecore in the mid-western United States.
Tilzs has a style all his own. His set promises to expand your definition of "rave" music.

Local Talent:
Syraz - (Moncton - HHC, OTW) - Nu Nrg / Hard Trance
DJ Nick Wright - (Halifax - HHC, hardcoretechno.ca) - Hardcore Techno
djc - (Halifax - HHC) - Freeform D'n'B
Saul Goode - (Halifax - HHC) - Happy Hardcore

10pm - 8am
info line: (902) 493-6206
Tickets: $20 (more @ the door)
tickets onsale Wednesday Nov. 21, 2001
Ticket Locations:
Halifax -
HMV, Spring Garden Rd.
Revolution Records, Prince St.
Mary Janes SmokeShop, Grafton St.
Dartmouth -
Scotia Tattooing, Main St.
Hurricanes Surf and Sport, Cole Harbour

With this party Halifax will be exposed to a side of electronic music which has not been given the credit it deserves. It is NOT, despite what you may hear, hard to dance to this music. It is NOT just a happy hardcore party, (promise). It IS going to be one hell of a night, which you won't soon forget.

HHC Productions
-come get hard with us-