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Pets with their heads in bags of food.


it's Myagi's rat!!!
I used to flip brown paper grocery bags on top of my dog when she was a puppy... It created a walking bag. I thought it was hilarious. She didn't.

On the plus side, after that, she always stayed the hell away from the bags when my parents came home with the groceries. :D
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the other day my cat got inside a see-through plastic bag headfirst while sitting, so i pulled it down overtop of his whole body (it fit perfectly)

once i got it all the way down to his legs, he tried to move and just fell over on his side like a statue!

it was the funniest thing ever!

my cat looooooooves being carried around in a plastic bag.. he usually doesn't like being picked up but if you put him in a plastic bag he gets all goofy and curls up and lets you carry him around...
aww i miss my cat he's so stupid :)
My wife drinks this sleepytime tea which apparently has catnip in it. When she's done with the mug, one of my two cats will invariably go crazy and jam their heads inside it. It's funny to watch them scoot around on the floor, pushing a coffee mug with their faces.
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