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Peter Nomad's b-day and 2am @ Mad Bar

Smiley Jo

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Wow, did I ever have a fantastic time last night. :D Honestly, I really wasn't feeling up to going out, but it was a pretty special birthday, plus I was looking forward to seeing what the 2am crew had to offer.

The back room was already pretty full when I arrived at 11 or so, birthday celebrations were well underway. I'm not sure who opened, but I heard it was his first time playing out, so props to him, because he did really well. Finch played until 12 and got the room on their feet with some hard, funky house.

Then the crew from 2am took over. Stuck around for a bit of Orange Richie's set, but got pulled down into the main room for Evil P shortly after. Wow, Patrick was ON last night, that's for sure! :D I'm thrilled that there was such a wikked turnout, because his set was great.

I think I was extra happy because I got to hear "At night" three times! *grin* My god, does it ever sound better on a big system. My shitty speakers do it no justice. :p

I went to see what Alchemy was up to in the back later on, and to my surprise, he was pumping out some pretty sick techno! :D Way to go Derek!

It was one of those super fun nights that is totally unexpected. Thanks to Mark from Bang, and the lovely Joanna, all the boys @ 2am music, the celebration crew; Finch ;), Mike (thx doll), Alison :), James, Christian, Anhauser, Dallas, Tommy, and everyone else. Nice to see Adam, kf, and Lee out later on.

To the birthday boy... James aka Peter Nomad.. I'm thrilled beyond belief that you had such a great night. You deserved it. Massive hugs and best wishes for one of the best years yet. Luv ya!



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I snuck over from Red Square to hear Alchemy & Orange Ritchie for the first time & I was not disappointed - great set from what I heard - I wish I could have stayed longer - but the bouncer gave me an hour! Thanks for the CD's - unfortunately they are in BBB's back pocket - I want my CD's punk!! :p Thanks to Simon for "fixing" the fan - damn was it ever hot in there, but it did not stop me from dancing. Keep me updated on where you are spinning next guys.


poker face

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I totally forgot until I saw this thread that I was at Mad Bar on friday. It is all coming back to me now. I was totally shit faced from element and red square. Nice hanging with you finch and joanne also nice to meet you peter nomad.

Rich and Alchemy were also a treat to hear once again!


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haha I was glad to see you all come by, the back room was bumpin & shakin nicely all night. Sucks that the Dukes didn't get to play, they were going to open the night before their gig @ red square (literally across the street) but the club was doubble booked with a b-day event. Happy Birthday Peter! (regardless ;) ) I got to break into some techno/progressive for the last part of the night. t'was tre-fun. :) see you guys out again next month!

Peace & love. D


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What en excellent night of music!!! I was quite surprised to see the back room full so early. Everybody was in fine spirits as they were celebrating James' bday as well as Guy's from the newly formed Kimosabee Productions. There was a nice mix of familiar and new faces.

NIce job by DJ Hecate at opening the back room, I really enjoyed the alternating DJ for the beginning of the evening. Unfortunately, I was to attend the Release Party at the Opera House so didn't have a chance to party til the end.

But overall, a great evening in the company of some really fun party people and some great tracks by the DJs
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The pictures are FINALLY up!!!!!

A formal apology for taking so long .... life's been a b!tch to me lately ... the website is finally starting to roll ... Pictures from this party are now up on the site ... look for pics of Princess' Farewell party and "PetSex" to arrive by monday.... see you all at LUST ... lot's of love!

http://www.kimosabee.com <--- like ya didn't know!


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