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Peter and Tyrone - Hammytown



This won't be much of a thread, cuz I think I was the only Tribe kid in attendance, but I just wanted to give a mad mad shout out to Peter & Tyrone for putting on such a wicked set last night at the Casbah here in Hamilton. It was the kind of night that doesn't come around too often. A remarkably tight set amid super happy people all going totally off their heads.

Biggups to Chris Briscoe for bringing it all together. It's not often my legs are sore after a night out, but I was dancing hard for the entire night, and we didn't leave until the cleaning guy was the only one left in the room, and our party spilled onto the streets.

Top night.


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yeah i brought peter down to hamilton and it was such a wicked vibe. Peter played some serious tunes......... Big up chris for being such great host and to everyone thanks for being a awsome crowd