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Pete Rock & CL Smooth @ the Opera House


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After a day spent riding up at Mt. St. Louis I was seriously looking forward to this show, a chance to bear witness to "real" hip hop. Mix up outdoor rural and indoor urban entertainment...all about the balance baby.

Got there about 10:30p, lineup was long but moved in quick. The DJ warming up the crowd was spinning all the classics, the sold out audience was fully appreciative. The opener came on, named "Ricochet" and they were alright, the guy had some flow and the beats weren't bad...too much politikin though, typical rapper

"The Creator, The Chocolate Boy Wonder" and CL came on about 12:15a. Overall the show was solid when they were rhyming and the beat was on, everybody's head boppin...but the problem was they'd get through the first verse or two of a track and then just cut it off, hard. The worst was "The Creator," my jam, I got one verse and that's it. Then they'd start Politickin themselves....what's up with rappers doin' that, we want to hear rhymes not the rest of your BS....although they big upped Toronto hip hop headz which was acknowledged by the crowd....lot's of love. My head would be boppin, body movin then WHAM, full stop. They did this to most of the tracks, no mixing from one to the next but of course kept TROY til the end and finished it.

Overall the show gets a 7/10, the vibe was hype, when they were layin tracks Pete and CL were on point, there were way more ladies in the house than I expected and there was mad love for hip hop. Just wish Mecca and his soul brother couyld have been a little more consistent. Show ended just after two and me and my homey voyaged over to Augusta for the Jason Hodges jam....


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Wicked show. Totally took me back to the early 90s. I think it was P-Plus that openned for CL & PR, but whoever it was they were on point. Played some sick old tracks I haven't heard since highschool like Chubb Rock and Main Source.

I was pretty surprised with CL. Considering he hasn't done jack in the last 5 years, he was on point.

Vibe was totally off the hook as it is with most REMG shows. Heads were definitely represent'n tonight.

TROY was done perfectly. My only beef is that they shoulda come out and done an encore.



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I am *so* upset I missed this. :(

First the heiro show, and now this? God sure does hate me in a musical sense...

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ha! a hip hop review on tribe!

we came! we saw! we reminisced!

from beginning to end, these guys know how to please me, playing classics, working the crowd, speaking truths, and dropping funky beats.

2-4-6-8 pete rock & cl smooth appreciate!


bigup kickit, that 420 head and cmack!