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Pete Heller @ Tonic


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Was listening in on the radio...not bad...too many vocals for me, but his mixing was tight. Did anybody go?
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Par- T

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First time back to Tonic and FTWK since Most Wanted Ent. pulled out of the night.

Arrived about 11:30 and got reduced admission thanks to the sweet guest-list lady, so nice to have kind people and the door. Got inside to find that it was another B&H "Jet to Ibiza" promotion and another failed oportunity for winning a trip. They had the club tropically decorated with palms, flight attendants, airline seats, go-go guys and girls, to keep the theme. Thankfully they had the air-con up full blast, so the temp. wasn't Mediterranean scorch, 1st time I've left a club where it's hotter outside than in.

On to the sets, Peter & Tyrone laid down their usual quality set while the club slowly filled with assorted partiers and scenesters. Pete Heller was up around 1:00 and started off with some beat heavy, somewhat tribal tracks. Followed with some solid house and excellent mixing, all mostly on the same level - nothing for me to get lost in. An hour in, he jacked things up a bunch of notches starting with "Children of House", proceeding through progressive to techno back to prog. and then a little Latin flavour to keep us on our toes.

The place cleared out by 3am leaving me and about a dozen other hardcore people to support. Pete H. finished early, with only 6 of us left dancing at 3:40; an interesting 2 part evening. At least there was acres of room to move.

Cheers to Mark (Solace-vip) and Alex D.

OLM from HOM

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I was there, and was absolutely ROCKED!!! Pete Heller played some amazing beats right until close.

I guess I must've missed all the 'vocals' you're talking about Nesta, as I got in at around 1-1:30. It was really busy in there, so walking over to the back bar took some time ... not only that, Benson & Hedges was there also, giving away those trips to IBIZA, so it was decorated really nicely (tropical).

Pete played some hard progressive beats all night. Some tracks had minor vocals, but nothing bad (no overkill) ... The placed cleared out pretty quick too. For the last half hour, there must've been 10-20 of us there, dancing away.

Oh, and he played a song that I've been DYING to find "Whatever Girl - Know You Can". If ANYBODY has it, PLEASE hook it up!!! Probably one of the sickest tracks last night ... along with the one track that went "I make everything alright ... alright ... alright" WOW, what tracks!!!

Next up ... Lawler

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It's hotter than July out there in the T dot O dot! I was greeted by Daniel and Dan (new promoters for the evening) and was pleased to find an incredible air conditioned club. But wait....another Trip to Ibiza party? Only this one was better that the party at the Guv. (No huge puppets this time) Tonic looked beautiful inside. Lots of Airline Hostesses and Go Go dancers. Folks looked friendly and happy. Peter and Tyrone were kicking it on the decks and I was damn thirsty!

When Pete stepped up to the ones and twos he was alright. Maybe I have just been going out too much. The music wasn't as AMPED as I thought it would be. It was not bad though.... he played a bit of everything. Some techno, some housey stuff, some progressive....overall not a set of "superstardom" but tite nonetheless. I was moving...but just going through the motions. The place started to get busy.

In my thirst from the heat....I gulped down several beers and some shots and some rye and gingers. I started to feel really drunk....and left at around 3. I could have stayed...but Pete didn't really have something for me to stay for.

Peace to Par-T - good looking out guy for re-introducing yourself. Hope to see you again...Seb on Fri? Also what's up to Alex D.

Peace Party People

(I'm still trying get my black ass to Ibiza for free!)


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Pete Heller doesn't seem the type of dj who would want to blow you away like a superstar dj, but to me seems more like a warm up dj. I loved the stuff he use to play when he was into the garage, and haven't heard him since he's moved onto the progressive side, but curious to find out none the less. Especially his use of vocals, since he use to play quite a bit of it in his garage days.



Par- T

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by OLM from HOM:
Hey Par-T ... LOL, I was one of the remaining six. Who were you?</font>

White guy dressed in black pants and a black & orange top.

... and you?
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