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Peshay & A-Sides @ Turbo!!


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I was really pumped for this night because I've wanted to see Peshay for the longest time.
The night started good with Marcus and Lush on the decks throwin' down wicked sets as usual.
A-Sides stepped up next, and was a pleasent surprise because I didn't know how good he would be. He played an awesome set throwin' down some really rough tracks and his mixing was tight. It seemed like his set just continuously got better as time went on. Sick!
Then the man they call Peshay stepped up, and he was fuckin' amazing!! Great tracks, tunes we usually don't hear, and I'm so glad he played some of his own stuff. I also thought Peshay had pretty good mixing skills, and I loved how he'd rewind the old track when he dropped the new one. Reminded me of Andy C's little tricks...and it sounded wicked! I thought it was perfect that he dropped some older tunes, because they sounded so refreshing. I loved it when he threw down Alien Girl...the place went nuts!
My highlight though was when I was thinking to myself, "Man I haven't heard Brand New Funk in ages, I'd love it if Peshay dropped that!"...and like 2 minutes later he did!!! I had the biggest smile on my face.

What was especially great about this party was that I didn't hear Messiah, or Horns 2000, or even a single Bad Co. track once all night! It was such a breath of fresh air. I ventured upstairs to catch Halo for a bit, and he was sounding nice...but it was too damn hot up there! And no vibe! If wanted the real party, stick to downstairs.
The crowd was hype, the music was amazing, and I must say that this was one of, if not the best drum n' bass night of the year!

Kung Po Beef

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Did anybody catch Moby's Go remix. Wow!
What a treat that was. Definately hyped.

Question though...where have all the hardcore junglists gone?
Come 3:30 - 4am the place was empty - even with Peshay still on the decks. DRY!!!

ecstasy riot

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I was there till Peshay was done.

Yes MOBY..heard the track! and they played LOVE IS NOT A GAME. oh my god... can we say i went crazy over here.


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yeah i left kinda early...due to the fact that my friend was passing out and i had a long drive home and....i had to work this morning..and just got home now!
but what a night...haven't kicked shit down like that on the dancefloor in awhile...MAN I LOVE GOOD DRUM AND BASS!!