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perry farrell @ fez


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did any1 go to this? i know it was on thursday...curious to know how it went and what he spun.


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I would have so been at this if I knew about it beforehand. Didn't find out until Friday night.

It would have been damn fun to see Perry behind the decks spinning DnB.
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i know he spun at the woodstock event........when everyone burned everything, but that was the first I ever heard of him being a DJ


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by AVE:
i know he spun at the woodstock event........when everyone burned everything</font>
that's funny!

on the flyer it said he was playing a "danceable organic blend of electronic rock, dub, tribal and eastern stylings". sounds like it would have been a great, eclectic night.


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I walked by, and Perry was spinning, for the most part house. Couldn't get in because the place was rammed!! Went to Mad Bar.


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i thought it was thursday...fuck me!
arg! soeone rewind the week so i can go this event!!! ohhh..'magine perry spinng HHC..is there any greater combination?
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I really wanted to go to this event but the rumour was that you had to win tickets?

Perry ferrel does not spin Happy Hardcore, he spins srum and bass. He is a talented musician, so he would never play unm musical music such as happy hardcore!


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I fuckin got kicked out first 5 min into
Perry's set, the bouncers at Fez r fuckin assholes, period, so I was rollin one in da bathroom, big fuckin deal....oh well..got noone to blame but moi...still fuck, awesome techno from what I heard....

Sugar D

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I was there... he did not spin Happy Hardcore. He spun: drum n bass, breaks, house, techno and some dub. Not everything flowed together (he can't mix) but it was really cool to see a rock legend having fun spinning tunes in a small environment.
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