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I generally do not like police. No offence to any officers reading, you do a job, and the hours suck. I would never want to be a policeman.

You know, when you're a child, I guess there is some kind of exersize where they ask you "What do you wan to 'be' when you grow up?"

And the common answers are simple answers. Fireman. Policeman. Teacher. Truck driver.

And the teacher doesn't really care and the kids have the attention of a fruit fly so all our tax dollars get well spent in an afternoon of babysitting.

So I was sitting around my house yesterday when my roommate claimed that he was going to slit my throught open and then burn down the house.

Oh, I've dealt with strange people before. The Norwegian comes to mind.

So of course the police showed up. I don't think a weekend goes by here without police showing up. But this time it was for the maniac with a knife, whom they promptly cuffed and arrested.

So I spent the remainder of the knight with, what I would call a "drag queen" but what he says is a "female illusionist", speaking, in seriousness, to the hottest cop I've ever seen. I have to admit, I did touch him, or at least his uniform. Fine quality fabric it is, I can only imagine if he's cut or not.

Oh and he interrogated me with words and I just imagined that it might be something more, but it wasn't.

And so it remains, that the only shadow I have is my own.

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