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People with Serious Drug problems


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Last weekend I was watching netflix on a Saturday afternoon.

Bojack Horseman to be specific.

When suddenly at my door there was a rapping. I attended to the door and saw it was a friend of mine I hadn't seen in a few years, along with some tag-a-long with obvious sores all about his face. Not acne, but sores.

So I said

me> "Sure, come on in, want a beer?"
him> "Yeah sounds good."
sore boy> "I don't drink."

So we chatted for a while until Sore Boy busted out this huge baggie with a tiny bit of crack in it.

sore boy> "I make it myself but I use ammonia instead of baking soda."

All right then.

There wasn't much crack to be smoked so we made our way outside to the patio where things seemed normal for a while. But then sore-boy started making incognito communications to our common friend and friend asked if we could step into the Gazebo for a moment.

A moment of privacy.

Sore-boy then held his nose and pushed heavily such that his neck veins were protruding and common-friend proceeded to take a needle and inject his neck with heroin.

I was just left stunned, thinking "Shouldn't you guys be asking me if I'm cool with this before you do this on my property?"

After that we went to Bobby O'Brian's and sore-boy was remarkably alert.

My consciousness is scarred by having watched that fiasco.



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Dude, once a drug user sees that you have a gazebo it's over, that is too much temptation. Drugs are like a sweet romance with your dream girl so spending a moment in the gazebo is a romantic opportunity that cannot be passed by.