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people who PM me wanting to be banned


Staff member
Not mentioning the member's name here.

I wouldn't want to send out the wrong SMOKE SIGNALS.

I always have RESERVATIONS about banning people, especially if they ask and give being on the board interferes with work as the main reason they want to be banned.

I mean what is more important anyway? Really!


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That is so ridiculous.

Wow. Don't they have an off switch or something?
They need to take up smoking.


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Let's see, it's gotta be someone with a job that is actually important.

Let's make it a contest!
Or a poll!


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your humour wasn't completely lost alex

edit : still laughing over here, funniest post this week


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self-control and the board is difficult for some (myself included)

however i don't want to be banned,

perhaps someone should just come downtown and buy some gola's that way they can focus on their new shoes instead of the internet ;)


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Originally posted by jebac
but how else would i know who mofo had sex with last weekend?


Listen, me and Indian Girl are just friends...

OH NOS!!!1 I let it slip out!