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People who need braces...


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and should get some, because they have the money. Are these people clueless to the state of their teeth.For fucks sake.

Missy elliot, this is a test.
Jewel...Your poems would be better if you didn't scare children.
Guy from armagedon...you know who i'm talking about.

I'm missing some...
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needs braces
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I really like people who have the eye teeth messed up and sticking out and everything else is straight.
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I heard that crooked teeth in Japan is glamorous.

I could probably use some braces, but I can't afford it, and I don't wanna have braces at the ripe age of 25.

Hawk Eye

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They're probably happy with the way they are.

One think i alwayas look for in a guy that physical is nice smile, which means straight teeth..

and about the british teeth comments.. I think the British have bad teeth bc their dentists SUCK. My mother is from Scotland and she has a huge over bite bc her orthodentist fucked up her teeth when she was younger which is why she's spend $4,000 on me and my brother's teeth.

Thank you mom lol
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