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People who get bitten by stupid computer viruses....

Zenmaster Chi

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I have to vent the frustration I feel when I hear about the cabbages who get bitten by stupid email viruses.

Here's the deal, I just copied this from my school's website

W32/MyLife.B@mm (also known as: W32.Caric@mm)

McAfee has placed this new virus, MyLife.b on Medium alert.

The virus uses Microsoft Outlook and MSN Messenger address books to propagate.

It arrives in an e-mail containing the following information:

Subject: bill caricature
Attachment: cari.scr
Message:HiiiiiHow are youuuuuuuu?look to bill caricature it's vvvery verrrry ffffunny :) :)i promise you will love it? okbuy========No Viruse Found========MCAFEE.COM--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have to ask the question...


For fuck sake, how many fucking email viruses will it take before people smarten up. Just look at the message...IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE!!! Who would open an email with a message that reads "HiiiiiHow are youuuuuuuu?look to bill caricature it's vvvery verrrry ffffunny "

Seriously...do these people have no common sense? It'd be like accepting soup from some guy standing on the corner of Yonge and Dundas saying "eat this...eat this..." and then just scarfing it down...

Fuck, tt even reads "No 'Viruse' Found'.....NO "VIRUSE" FOUND!!!!

It's not even SPELLED RIGHT!!!!


...ok...I feel better now...

Gotta go cram an essay now.



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Probably christians and vegans, and all the others who make choices based in arbitrary illogical belief systems ;)


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I'm going to close my eyes (I've been staring at a computer screen for way too long!) for about an hour then I'd love to come out, I'm not getting anything done here tonight and should remove myself from tribe as soon as possible. The marketing place is on the upper level around the back of the 24 lounge right?

Leave me a note here and I'll check it once I get up.

Take care and hope to hear back from you soon.

oh yeah, and by all nighter, do you mean all nighter or just until 5 or 6? I just don't want to get there and realize you guys have left or are about to.
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Zenmaster Chi

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Greg is back in bed sleeping, however I am here in full bloom.

Let me know if you're going to pop by...

I still have tonnes of reading to do.

I'm in that same spot I was in during the last all nighter.

I'll probably be here till around 6:00....


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give me an update around 5am? i'll be heading over around 5:30 at the earliest and I want to make sure someone will still be there. I could work there alone, in that case I may as well stay here. so yeah an update to let me know how your work is comming along would be great around 5 or so.
good luck.
and greg is a wimp.:D