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People who are easily influenced

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by catilyst, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. catilyst

    catilyst TRIBE Member

    How wrong is it to take advantage of people who are already overworked, but you know if you ask them its in their nature to assist you? I'm talking strictly in a work environment.

    I run a busy section of a company that is always swamped with work. When I started I was pretty cool with everyone, treating people like I'd like to get treated. But the last couple weeks have been truly hectic, and I 've found myself relying on certain types of people to do more than they're comfortable with. Some of this work is physical. There are a few people that because of their own weakness I'm able to get to stay late or work through their breaks, when they probably wouldn't.

    Sometimes I say to myself "maybee this will teach them to be more honest and upfront with themselves and grow the balls to just say they can't do it"

    But on the other hand maybee they're just so introverted that they will never really learn and will always be easily oppressed by others.

    Through putting this into words and typing it, I have a feeling that I've already made up my mind what the case is, but if any one has anything they'd like to ad I'd be better off hearing more opinions.

  2. man_slut

    man_slut TRIBE Member

    Make sure you reward them for their hard work...
  3. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    i AM one of those people...

    and it drives me crazy, because i have a hard time saying NO.
    especially in the workplace, where if someone asks me to do something, i just do it- no questions asked...

    honestly, until you just mentioned it-
    i never knew you COULD say no!

    i'd be too afraid of getting looked down upon
    as being unwilling to be flexible and then they'd find someone else.

  4. ian

    ian TRIBE Member

    Hey you two.

    I'd like some money and sex right now.

    What are you waiting for?

    -ian g.
  5. KiX

    KiX TRIBE Member

    u got balls to admit you're one of those dick managers that abuses the good nature of your employees to hundreds of ppl, that's forsure.

    targetting "weak" people to do the dirty work, then justifying it by saying you're teaching them a lesson?? come on...

    and making people work through breaks??? god i'm ready to slap you!

    maybe you should be taking initiative to make sure your company hires enough people to get the job done, and ensure your workers are being treated fairly instead of making the same people suffer.

  6. ian

    ian TRIBE Member



    I sometime worry I push my staff too hard, but I kind of trust them to let me know. It's a difficult balance, especially when part of your job is to make sure they are working their hardest. I am very liberal with raises, time off and overtime though. . . so I hope it makes up for it!

    -ian g.
  7. catilyst

    catilyst TRIBE Member

    Tina you're right, people please don't hold back. At first the word target seemed harsh, but its true.

    I don't mind being flamed for this, infact its refreshing, but I should have mentioned, like ian, they do get treated better than any other people in the company during slow periods. I turn a blind eye to a fair bit of stuff that you would n't get away with at other places.
  8. junglisthead

    junglisthead TRIBE Member

    pity you for thinking that

    perhaps, they are trying to help you out, and the team, by putting themselves out a bit, so the shit doesnt hit the roof later

    too bad today's society forgets about what honesty,hard work and helping others, out is all about

    instead its always about agendas, or some other mundane idea

    so quit it with the crap, and realize that if it werent for them busting their balls, your shit would be a little bit higher than it is, and more pressure would be on YOU to get things resolved

    reread this

    and realize your lucky to have them around to rely on to begin with!! for it not for them, your day would be that much harder

    WEAKNESS ?? please...it is a strength, someone who is reliable, who is willing to put out, to help out....that is not even close to a weakness...

    instead of kidding yourself into thinking your teaching someone, perhaps its you that needs to learn something........
  9. smile

    smile TRIBE Member


  10. diego

    diego TRIBE Member

    Mostly I would just be wondering what names they mutter under there breath about you at home OR at the WORKPLACE
  11. smile

    smile TRIBE Member


    they probably hate his ass

    nice one bud.
  12. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

  13. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    Be careful ... or else your employees might unionize!! ;)
  14. Phat Buddha

    Phat Buddha TRIBE Member

    maybe his employees are surfing the tribe board right now :D
  15. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    haha.. just what i was going to post
  16. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    junglisthead, i've missed you around-
  17. wayne bradbury

    wayne bradbury TRIBE Member

    This shit happens at my work too. I'm a nice guy who will do things to help out others even when it isnt my job. But lately I've been turning down everyone saying "sorry its not my job" and they are pissed at me for not helping them anymore. The reason I stopped helping is because I noticed my extra efforts aren't being recognized and its now expected when before it was supposed to be a "favour". I had to stop when I was being told to do shit instead of asked to do it.
  18. catilyst

    catilyst TRIBE Member

    At least in my case their efforts don't go unnoticed. I stick up for them and in the end they certainly get treated better than the other employees. On Friday they were missing for awhile, I caught them smoking alittle something in the back. So I explained how foolish it was to do this on company property and said they could all get fired, then had some. I think in the end I acted like a better boss than most would have.
  19. Liquidity

    Liquidity TRIBE Member

    business is business. you gotta come to grips with the fact that the nature of business is the bottom line...

    unless you wanna eschew capitalism, don't let guilt get in the way of economic morality.

    now, regarding one's personal life, that's a completely different matter...

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