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people, places...MUSIC

Discussion in 'Montreal' started by RLyNE, Nov 8, 2000.

  1. RLyNE

    RLyNE TRIBE Member

    but where???
    im heading down to montreal next weekend (nov.17,18,19) and i need the 411...
    where can i hear some deep house, garage music? i know im gonna hit sona on the saturday, is lefleche still a resident? i hope he is...so if anyone has any details, pls. post!
  2. huggs946

    huggs946 TRIBE Member

    Unfortunately lafleche is no longer a resident @ Sona...he plays @ The Living every Sunday night. I think that Eddie Richards is playing @ Sona on the 18th...

  3. MiSsfunKkyflyY

    MiSsfunKkyflyY TRIBE Member

    do you want to dance or lounge? or both?

  4. synistre

    synistre TRIBE Member

    i'm in the same boat rlyne...

    how about a bit of both?

  5. evil homer

    evil homer TRIBE Member

    check out stereo sat night
    blue dog fridays are awesome but they're jungle and breaks
  6. Mr.Jo

    Mr.Jo TRIBE Member

    Yeah, I'm going there too this weekend.
    Where's there to go to hear some wicked house music? Is Sona still good on Saturday's?
  7. RLyNE

    RLyNE TRIBE Member

    oh boo...i so wanted to hear lefleche...ah well...
    leaving tomorrow morning, had a rough week at work, so im all smiles now...anything goes...im hitting some clubs/bars sat nite for the early part of the nite, but as for places where i can really enjoy my music... which of the two is worth going to...sona or stereo?
    for those of you going, what do you have planned for the weekend?

  8. synistre

    synistre TRIBE Member

    hockey game. then i'm gettin my funk on.

  9. RLyNE

    RLyNE TRIBE Member

    well, im back..
    had an amazing time...although i must admit i dont remember the first night very well...my friends tell me that i made a spectacle of myself tho...i was all liquored up and i dont know the rest of the story very well...anyhow, that was at the dome.
    on sat nite, however, went to sofia's to listen to some house music provided by jojo flores, and then we went to sona...which of course, was a crazy party...im pretty tired so thats the end of this post. later.


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