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people of vancouver, you lucky bastards...


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One of FreQ's outstanding qualities is his ability to integrate the robotic funk of yesteryear with the razor-edged broken beats of today. He has also been known to pull 909 ACID lines and disco-Cassius styled samples into his teeth gritting/body rocking tracks. BRING ME THE HEAD OF FREQ NASTY is one of the most insightful and well-produced breakbeat albums I have ever heard.

robotic funk.......razor edged broken beats.......teeth gritting/body rocking...

whoever wrote this is a fucking genious. that is exactly the thing that freq nasty brings to his shows. raw, naked, "lets do this shit proppa" beats.

and he's coming to vancouver and not here?

well aint that a bitch......

enjoy motherfuckers, madman is back and im pretty fucking sure he's bringing the pain with him. and lotsa of it.

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