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Hi Michellemybelle

Will someone make sure that Michellemybelle is well taken care of out there. That girl needs her monthly house fix or else she'll just disappear without a trace again. Kevin Yost is exactly what she'll need...for now.


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house fix

Kevin Yost is fast approaching, and more and more it looks like I will be able to attend.

I am going to hit the ANZA club this saturday for some nice funky house. Its a nice place IMHO, not killer or anything but just condusive to having a good time and dancing. They set up 4 decks to the system so there is always lots of music going on.

So ninja are you going back to ON for the summer or are you sticking around. You should start thinking about SHAMBALA in august if you are around, kinda like OM back in ontario. But august is sooo far away, not so far away that I can't daydream a bit though :)


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hey locke, I'm not sure what I'm up to this summer yet. I have a year lease on my apt here in Victoria so chances are I'm living here untill at least augest.
what weekend is Shambala. I'm all up for hiting that everyone here in vic talkes it up alot. all I know is that I have a promise to a friend back in On. that I would go to wemf with her. also I want ot see what it will be like this year. hmm over all I'm plannning on
buying a shitty car.
driving across the country in late july party fro 2 weeks in ON, go to my cottage and recover then drive back.
but If any of you are heading back at the same time I am and want to share the driving / gas your welcome to come along.


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I am pretty sure that shambala takes place in the middle or last half of august, but of the exact date I am not sure.

If anyone else has a better idea of when shambala is shout it out.


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Re: Hi Michellemybelle

Originally posted by fleaflo
Will someone make sure that Michellemybelle is well taken care of out there.
Aw, Dave. No one could take your place! I'll just have to learn to party by myself (we both know how long that'll last) while I'm out here. I hear it's been snowing in Toronto. 14 and sunny yesterday, not to rub it in.

I'll go to Kevin Yost and hope to run into some Tribe people by accident, I guess. Or do you think they'll be able to pick me out of the crowd as the girl with the biggest smile who never stops dancing?
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if you are going out tonight...

Go to the ANZA club... I know I have been plugging it for a while now but its good... there are people actually dancing with no attitude to some good house music.... I have lots of fun there and need more people to come out and share (and contribute) to the fun by just givin shit and shakin the floor with me.

ANZA is at 8th and quebec or ontario (not sure buts its only a really small block over) If you hit it up look for me... maybe put faces to names.... tall, blue hat (quicksilver), jeans, and white and yellow shoes, I am nice so come talk to me.

L :)


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No kevin yost for me :-(
I just got schedules to work saterday moring at Mt washington so ther ewill be no Kevin yost in my life only snow and cheezy top 40 stuff they play over the system up there. but is anyone going
to Craze vs Marky w/ Skibba???
I'm hoping to hit that insted...
also on the one of the other 4! threads it said osmethign about re-scheduling ? anyone know whats up with that