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People including promoters, start posting here

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Locke, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. Locke

    Locke TRIBE Member

    I REALLY want the vancouver board to start up and have some sort of content.

    If you are from vancouver, post.
    If you know promoters from Vancouver get them to post.
    If you are a promoter organizing an event in Vancouver, post.

    are you coming to vancouver? might as well post!

    by the way, we need more breaks in this city, that would be nice.


    everyone has a first one!
  2. Etkulte

    Etkulte TRIBE Member

    What this city needs is less F**Ked up laws and more ppl so the prices aren't ridiculously high.

    Anyways I'm always down for getting Vancouver forum started.

    So did anyone go to see Francios K or Paul Johnson this week? Did Paul actually show up in the end?

    So what is everyone doing this weekend?

    I'm still deciding to whether go to whistler or not, but I might check out this FREE cambie party.

    Msg me.



    ICQ: 3614269
  3. Locke

    Locke TRIBE Member

    Well I agree with the messed up by-laws here, and the lack of ppl leading to large ticket prices for sure.

    Really I just want good people out at a decent venue, I don't mind wet bar but I've heard so so tales re the promoters that throw events there (plus its still expensive).

    What gets me is the inablilty to have any larger event still be somewhat cool and relaxed without seeing a whole bunch of thick necked dudes scaring away girls on the floor who are minding their own.

    I want to try and post a pic here too see how that works.
    here goes

    prolly won't work but oh well.
    my friends minimal but very nice costume last halloween.
  4. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    hey I 'm in Victoria as of right now silly university...
    I was going to try and make it across form this hippie commune to Imix since I 've never been to a Plaza party ( only lived here since Augest) before taht Ont. like most TBK people that post in here.
    I must say the laws are fucked and to be a promoter out here takes some serious work so up's to ET bros, and Azim( twisted) and 604elf for throwing down some good events....
    the reason not many people post in this section is there arent to many people regestered on this board from BC... also right now my weekends are all work/play at mt washington volenteering and snowbarding. so no time to make it over to the main land for anything...
    one thing that would help is if tribe was available at more outlets out here... I have to go to FF or Obstruction to pick up a hard copy or a friend will mail me one from back east.
    if more people read the mag out here there would be more ppl posting on this section of the fourm
  5. Etkulte

    Etkulte TRIBE Member

    The plaza is a sweet venue just that its like the ONLY venue that makes it boring. But if you have time you should check it out. Have't decided if I want to see BBB, but Angel Alanis should be sweet.

    As of tribe issues, whenever I'm at FF its always gone!
  6. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    I just want to go to see joshdafunky1... mmmmm
    last time I say him was back in TO around newyears... such fun times whenever he's on
    (wow 5 posts in this thread now.. people Are posting WOO ha)
  7. Locke

    Locke TRIBE Member

    how much are those imix tickets anyways?

    Been a while since i have been to an event @ plaza of nations (haloween 00, seb fontaine etc) but since wemf I have heard only good things about josh the funky 1. Makes me think I should make it out for this one.

    Oh my god an actual thread....
    [chris shepard]CRAAAZZZY[chris shepard]

  8. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    have you heard his set from digital orgasm? ( saracuse (sp??)) NY. its soo wonderful.. it is just ass shaking goodness... no booty in it at all really but still just a very very good set.... and some funny hapenings w/i it...
    Cops come.
    Promoter: can we get the ligts out
    Police no
    Promoter: al'ite all the ugly people get the fuck out.
    bwahahhaaa so harshly funny.
    anyhow if you would like it just ICQ me and I'll send it your way.
  9. Etkulte

    Etkulte TRIBE Member

    Locke you where there for Seb? I was at that party too.

    As for imix tixs they're probably like 60 Bucks by now.

    hey ninja anything going down over the Easter break on the island? Might be heading out there if imix falls thru.

    This will make it the 8th post. sweet.
  10. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    I know theres a party in courtny called bliss...
    check out teamhardcore or rave.victoria.bc.ca for info... pretty normal island party. lots of kids on acid.
    its right in downtown courtny. which is a hell of a trek but still its a party...
    Aphrodite was pretty bad at hush last night!@ his mixing , like martha stewart after her 46th bottle of sherry... also he didnt seem to be in a very good mood.. IE shaking fist at some guy near the front.... BOO>>> but he has cut his flowing semi mullutarded locks to a somewhat less rock star length.
    off to hand in english paper... need to sleep.
  11. Locke

    Locke TRIBE Member

    Yeah I was actually there for the seb fontaine party too! That was the first event i had been to at the plaza of nations, not too shabby. I stayed closer to the breaks for most of the night so I missed seb in the big room.

    Hey ninja I will get you an icq # quick, cause I have been looking for some sets from josh the funky 1, but I just don't have the number memorized yet.

    Not too shabby of a thread, well nowhere to go but up. Gotta get more than 3 peeps as well :) but this is good

  12. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    Locke my ICQ # is 31463203
    just msg me sometime and I'll send it your way.
    I have a question though....
    how come there is no mixtape scene out here?
    I rewally want to get a few sets from the few parties I've been to out here.
    mostly DJ icey form summerlove and Debbie D from spooky 6
    .... there needs to be a 2nd NUMB store out here...
    or is there tapes but I just cant find them?
  13. michellmybelle

    michellmybelle TRIBE Member

    Holy sh*t, my user name is still valid (I haven't been here in ages).

    I moved here from Toronto in October and have absolutely been hibernating since I arrived. Some work people tried to take me out, but I was always disappointed and afraid that the scene just didn't exist out here.

    But, last week, fleaflo showed up and saved the day (my hero *blink**blink*). We caught DH Heather at Shine and David(?) Alverado at the Penthouse. We had SO much fun, and he helped me discover that there is fun to be had in this city if you're a partier.

    Anyone going to Kevin Yost on April 12th?
  14. Etkulte

    Etkulte TRIBE Member

    More details please. But I'm totally up for it.

    Sweet, I think its like the first Roll Call ever in the Van forum.

  15. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    Kevin Yost...mmmm
    I might have to make it off this island for a night...
    I havent been off the island since I came back form new years in toronto. EKK I just realized soon I will be fully assimilated and see salt spring island as the promised land....
    SAVE ME hahahahaaha
    well maybe not just yet.
    News of mikes day...
    NO EXAMS IN EXAM TIME! in the immortal words of Busta: " woo Ha"
    I'm not finished on april 5th.
    so summer is soon approching...
    damn it now I need a job.
  16. michellmybelle

    michellmybelle TRIBE Member

    Kevin Yost: Shine; Friday, April 12; $15. I have the flyer if anyone needs to know where to get tickets.
  17. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    Hey. can you post the ticket outlets...
    I'm just guessit that they're available at FF, Bassix, Obstruction? etc etc.
    any others please let me know since I wont be picking mine up till the day of
  18. michellmybelle

    michellmybelle TRIBE Member

    Bassix, Futuristic Flavour and Boomtown is what the flyer says.
  19. Locke

    Locke TRIBE Member

    This is too good. A real thread with people and everything.

    I am always up for kevin yost, I saw him last year when he was at the palladium, at least I think it was last year.

    I like this deal we got going on, i think that whenever anyone of us sees an interesting event or is going to attend one post it up here, cause I end up missing so much of it.

    One thing I have to plug is the anza club on the first saturday of every month, I don't put it on or anything but I have been going for a while and its fun, nice funky house and room to dance. Its a cool little set up.

    And hooooray for the extended bar closing time! finally being able to dance later on in the night. I couldn't stand the lights going on right at 2a.

    I hope to meet some of you sometime too, that would be nice :)
    A sort of tbk vancouver
  20. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    I'm all up for some vancouver nights out.
    I'm done all schol work as of next friday. so I'm FRee ...
    untill I find a job...
    then in to the grind of work for the summer.
    just wondering ... is any one in this thread heading to WEMF in 1st weekend of augest...
  21. Etkulte

    Etkulte TRIBE Member

    August? Haven't planned that far ahead...but I am planning for summer love, if its on that is.

    There's also a huge 10 party around that time to can't remember the name... :confused:
  22. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    hmmm maybe Shambala.
    Is there a summer love this year????
    is G-house still alive?
  23. pb4ugo2bed

    pb4ugo2bed TRIBE Member

    The best place to party in vancity was the House of Slak.....it was this little run down store on pender.....but I haven't been there in over a year...last I heard it was shut down by the fuzz!

    Other than that vancity parites are over priced...but as long as ppl pay...why not keep it expensive.
  24. Etkulte

    Etkulte TRIBE Member

    Hey Alfred you still in town?
  25. pb4ugo2bed

    pb4ugo2bed TRIBE Member

    Nah...in waterloo...be back at the end of april

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