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Originally posted by Muf
Millencollin is coming to Koolhaus on April 12th.

My friend's cousin is the lead guy from this band. He hits every show, every time. He even took his mom to a show once.



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I've always had trouble getting into Pennywise...I like the new album though.
I have a few of their other CD's - maybe I should give 'em another chance...


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Originally posted by dlerium88
Dougie pick me up a ticket!! I'll come with you!


Ritika <-- needs a good punk show

i'll see what i can do Ritika...i'm going to get Raptor tickets aswell tomorrow, so i will see if i can hook you up... U BETTER FUCKING COME !

man..o man...first Krome now this ?




has pennywise been to Toronto since the late Jason Thirsk ?