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PENISES!! (someone had to)


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Flashy_McFlash said:
The same argument could be made for your umbilical cord, Fetus Joe.
actually, the cord shrivels up on its own if it's not cut, so you can't make the same argument.


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Michlerish said:
When/If you guys have a son(s), will you have him circumsized?
I'm cut, my brother isn't. I wondered why. Then my sister visited family friends who had moved to England. Their son, Yakov, was my first friend, and was born shortly after me. We had a lot of fun flushing micro machines down toilets.

Well surprise surprise, over the dinner table in England, my friend's dad made an offhand remark about how Yakov's circumcision had been "botched".

I didnt ask my parents - now I think I should - but I think part of the reason they didn't do my lil bro was because they remembered what happened to little Yakov shortly after me.

Circumcisions can go wrong. That would suck horrendously. (there's event he Canadian story of that poor kid where the electricty machine - yes, they used electricity - over-volted and burned off all of his genetalia, so the parents raised him as a girl - sad story, documentary shows on passionate eye and Documentary channel some times).

And to the girl in the thread that said she preferred cut penises, and the guys who said girls prefer it - girls prefer a lot of different things. Even if your penis is cut they may not like the way you laugh, or the hair on your chest, or the hair on your ass, or the fact you're too built or too skinny or too fat or too annoying or too anything. Michelrish said its not a problem for her - there's many like her.

Life is all about finding the partner that wants YOU - and if you're cut or uncut, you can find that person.

It should not be the guiding decision for circumcision, besides the fact you're taking away their sensitivity and running the risk of a "mistake" and making a decision for someone who can't make a decision, any boy who's cut or uncut can find their perfect partner. And like was said earlier, once erect, it can be hard to tell the difference a lot of the time.

I mourn the loss of my foreskin, and if I have a child, I will lobby my wife NOT to do it.
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I shutter to think that my foreskin was used for someones plastic surgery. Maybe facial? actually it's kind of funny haha!