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DECEMBER 5--Meet John Huffman. Here's what we know: On the night of October 29, while driving with a child in the passenger seat of his station wagon, the Tampa man rear-ended another vehicle at an intersection. We also know that after cops found Huffman, 34, unsteady on his feet, with alcohol on his breath, and in possession of three bags of pot, they charged him with driving under the influence, marijuana possession, and child neglect. What we're not sure about, however, is how that lousy makeup job and those words--immortalized in this Hillsborough County Sheriff's booking photo--got on Huffman's face. The TSG fan who tipped us off contends that the tipsy driver was marked up after passing out at a Halloween party earlier that evening. And we thought he just had a low opinion of himself.

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Not the the thing you should be showing Tribers

We need no incouragement to do stupid shit