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Popping my review cherry here, so i'll stick to alexd's recommended format:
The best reviews always cover:

1. music
2. venue / production
3. vibe

1. warm up sets + mc
jumpin. got there *early*. included some skillfully mixed trax & samples from a decade or so ago. mc hyped up the crowd w/o making a nuisance of himself (which is pretty much the litmus test for good/sux imho). props.

bangin; much enjoyed aside from non-dnb stuff (around 2:20am-ish?) that lost me for a while (wtf was that?).

2. venue / production
my 1st time ever to the venue (!; clearly i don't make it out much anymore...), so i scoped it all out after the main floor (it was mostly a standfloor, not a dance floor) was so jammed it was stoopid. there really are only 3 levels (seemingly designed to disorient; also, tho not roped off, escalator to darkened mezzanine above 3rd floor was well scoped by security. Walk about 20 ft. across from escalator by wms washroom to get an appreciation of the interior design).
sound system = great. could have a conversation w/o screaming into each others' ears while the bass was shaking my pants.

3. vibe
bouncin happy vibe w/ a truly mixed crowd: some lost suits (asking me "u got any pot?"), some affliction t'd types, some flat-brimmed & gold chained wiggerish styleez, some club kidz & twinks, some partiers, some old-skool dnb headz & some newer ones, some random club-hopper types, some skanky twitter possés, some pros. took a look at the private party (balloons!) in the front lounge on 3rd floor, and told security "I prefer it on this side" which almost raised a smile. somebody coulda made a tidy fortune if the number of ppl who asked us if we had any pills is any indication.
security were cool; helpful even. sort of the antithesis of high profile security, for those of you who who were around back in the day & know what/who i'm talking about.

I'll stop there, so: The End.


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