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peeing in the shower?


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Originally posted by 416
you know shitting in the shower isn't that bad as long as you aim for the drain............your fingers can easily push down the excess that the water pressure cant get down the drain

People, don't believe it.

It *does* work with really runny shit, like the Friday after a Thursday at the Brunnie.

Incidentally, did you know that you don't shit straight out? Runny stuff while standing will spray off to one side or the other...

Has something to do with one testicle being lower, and the guy-wires that hold your bathing suit area together on the inside.


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It's likely that all the water on the planet has at one time or another been filtered through a kidney and passed as piss.


Even Perrier.


Cheer Bear

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Originally posted by BigBadBaldy
Why, if you wash your ass with soap and water right away? The shower becomes a giant bidet.


..unless you've got a log hanging out of your butt, that's different. :p

(Why am I in this thread?)



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Originally posted by Pyrovitae

"it's no secret what women do in *baths*"

I took a friend to 'come as you are' the other day, and she was shown the waterproof vibrators. the saleswoman said.. 'you know... for the bath'. my friend looked awed and told me later.. 'jesus, i can't believe i'd never thought of that'.


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i'd assumed that all women had thought of that.. how could you not?


anyways, i'd never thought of peeing in the shower either until a housemate brought it up.


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Originally posted by mingster
I love peeing outdoors.
I do it mostly when I go camping, but I'll do it in the city too.
You know...when you gotta go, you gotta go.


I love peeing outside when I am camping too - in the city I prefer not to. But very true Mingster, when you got to go you gotta go. I don't like drippin' dry!! It sucks!! hahaha!!!


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Yes, this topic came up in discussion with my volleyball team. One day the U of T coach was talking to us and telling us that he pees in the shower, and that when we looked at hime like he was crazy he tried to make it like we were the strange ones for not doing this regularly. I think it is gross, but he couldn't fathom the fact that we didn't do it regularly let alone that we hadn't done it ever! strange, very strange.

That would be like showering in a huge toilet! Tina better not be peeing in there! It's.....unsanitary!