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peeing in the shower?

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Originally posted by Jennika

I consider it environmentally friendly as I am saving a flush

but does the toilet water and shower water go down the same pipe or do they separate?

im bored at work and wanted som efeedback to this age.old question.


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you know what, that reminds me of a funny story(well, funny to me at least), i used to live in a co-op house and in my third year in that house i got one of the nice rooms with a bathroom that was shared with only one other person. that year it was a girl and she was initially not comfortable with sharing a bathroom with a guy. i didn't understand why, it's not like we'd be using it at the same time or anything (it was tiny). so i asked her.

she said "well, guys pee in the shower, and i don't want to shower where you pee."

i was surprised, shocked even, it had never occurred to me to pee in the shower. i assured her that i had never done it and never would.

but the seed was planted. peeing in the shower? what a revolutionary concept! and when we had a falling out later in the year i tired it out. and guess what, i liked it! :D


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Spitting in the shower is actually worse in terms of germs and waste than peeing is.

I take pride in the fact that I can take out one form of responsibility every morning by wizzing in the shower. The last thing I want to do when I wake up is concentrate enough to aim into the pot. I would much rather just let the hot water wake me up as I release nature's fury with no worries.

Steve :)


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Originally posted by basic
Most definetely not.

And I was surprised a few years ago when I asked a bunchof people this question and alot of them did.

i'm very glad to learn you don't pee in our shower.

thank you for that.



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i've heard the "peeing in the shower is gross" argument and I don't buy it. Once a week I scrub that tub with Ajax, Javex, and any other disinfectant with an X in the name, so I think its pretty clean. And, its not like we pee all over the curtain. How about all the dirt you scrub off yourself? While its not as gross as pee, it is still dirty.

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I don't do it often. Only occasionally. When I have to pee, and I'm in the shower.
I actually find it very liberating.


poker face

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I do sometimes but I always aim for the drain hole!

I remember my ex girlfriend use to let me do it when I was in the shower with her, lol!
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i do it if i have to. usually i just take a wizz before i get in the shower. mingster is right, it is liberating.


p.s. it's fun to pee in a lake when your swimming, and btw, i've never dropped a deuce while in the shower, that's gross.


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I kill 2 birds with 1 stone in the morning by peeing in the shower.

The real question is, do you wipe your ass before going in the shower if you just pooed? I do, for sure. But, I once knew a guy who didn't wipe before going in the shower. Which I think is gross.



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Why, if you wash your ass with soap and water right away? The shower becomes a giant bidet.


..unless you've got a log hanging out of your butt, that's different. :p

(Why am I in this thread?)
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