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Pedestrian Sundays at Kensington Market starts today!


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There is a new gelato place in the market but it is really expensive and was lined up like crazy yesterday. I am not sure of the quality. The secret gelato cooler with Mad Italian Gelato in the coffee shop near Bikes on Wheels is gone because the place was sold to a new owner. That sucks because their gelato was amazing and cheap.

The jerk chicken from the guy with the barrel BBQ on the street across from Exile is awesome. Also try a gingerbread dinosaur or sugar lamb from the cute girls at market bakery. Highly recommended is their Walnut Cranberry bread too.

Also, check out my friend Rachel's bar Handlebar for some air conditioning and a cold one.

Any other Kensington Market tips?
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Bunners also just opened a locale in Kensington where Bungalow West used to be.
Vegan and Gluten Free treats!

I ordered me a Cinnamon bun and took it down to Ideal coffee and watered it down with an Americano...deeelish.
I'm not one for gluten free treats but this was pretty legit. And I also didn't feel all bloated and shitty after eating it - which may or may not be because of a gluten sensitivity, it may just be because Im jumping onto the gluten-free bandwagon and making up how gluten makes me feel like shit in my head, I can't be sure. haha