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PC Functions - help, please


TRIBE Member
Everything on my screen is HUGE. How do I get the font and icons to be unmagnified/ regular size? I feel like I'm reading tribe and typing through really thick glasses.

I stepped on the laptop by accident, does anyone know how to get my screen back to normal view?


big font girl
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Boss Hog

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Hey Bubbles,

Right click on your desktop, choose properties, then go to Appearance and see if you can change the font size there...


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thanks boss, I was wrong - it's not just the font (but now I know how to change that).

stan, I'm might just have to do that.

boo - wow, I'm venturing into foreign land in the g33k&computer thread - thanks!

:eek: bubbles.
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start -> programs -> accesibility -> magnifier.

you might have that turned on.

or right click on the desktop -> properties -> settings and check what resolution you have it at. bigger the numbers the smaller the stuff on the screen.