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pay as you go cellphones

jared k

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how does this dealio work? i got a phone and i don't want a contract. is one company better than another?
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Ditto Much

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jared k said:
but i hate all of them equal

get a family member to trust you enough to get a real cell phone plan for you. Pay as you go is such a rip off its not worth even considering them.


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dude...don't listen to that noise....

I've been on a telus pay and talk plan for about 1 1/2 now...and I've got it down to a science...
I pay per month 40.25 in phone cards (with taxes) per month
I buy a 25 buck one and a 10 doller one ($35 in cards/per month...following...good)

with telus it allows you to get evenings and weekends free for one month @ 30 bucks a month...
so that 35 bucks I have...30 goes to the evenings and weekends option and 5 minutes for daytime minutes/txt messages...(daytime minutes are 33 cents/minute--no idea about txt I think around the same)

and I'm never on a contract...

heres the thing too...if your daytime minutes during this month, run out you can still get your voicemail calls (during the day..if you can't wait till 6 pm to hit...) you can access them from an outside line by dialing your number waiting for your message and then pressing zero...

at the time I paid 180 bucks for the package and got a basic flip phone (no camara or gadgets on itthough you can go on the net and download ringtones and shit...) and a 75 doller card...

it's an investment I highly recomend anyone who hates contracts

PM me if you wish for more questions but deff go with telus...
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Telus (and i think other companies too) has start up packages where you get a phone (one of their cheapest, so it's not right if you're looking for gadgets) and a $50 startup card, plus $25 if you activate through their website. I think it was about $100 during promotions.

With pay and talk, you have to top off your account before an expiry date, or else you lose your balance. So if you buy $25, you have 2 months to use up that balance, and if there's still money left, you have to put more money on the account to keep the balance.

I've been happy with pay and talk. It's a bit of a pain to have to refill it all the time, but you can register a credit card and have it done automatically.
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I do pay as you go with Fido. It works great for me as I also have a landline and am at work during the week, so I end up only paying about $20 a month, and any unused time gets transferred over.


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I use telus pas as you go. I spend $20 a month.
But then I don't talk much on the phone as I hate them.
But I have a friend who uses Virgin mobile and he is paying only 5 cents a minute so I'd say go that route unless someone knows the drawback to Virgin?