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paulina taylor.


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since this forum is deader than dead im thinking i should take this to hulla... but.... where can i find out more about this dj/producer

any direction any of you could give me as to tracks and mixes, even in real audio *shudder* or some information about the man himself would be a huge help.



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a dont know a whole lot about his tracks...

but if you can find it on real audio or something get his set from the first atm!

it is my 2nd favourite set of all time
(even though crap ass Mc Jumper is on it)


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Paulina Taylor = DJ Kage

You can find a few live sets of his on www.audiogalaxy.com , and I also recommend you go to Cloud 9 (if you're from Toronto/GTA) on Queen & Spadina, and I think Numb carries his sets as well (not too sure though).

Sets I have found (and know of):

Thunder Opera I & II
Bounce (Toronto's own E-By-Gum intro's)
30-minute set (side B is Dutchboy)
Live @ Fun Haus (Toronto)
Gabber mix
Live @ ATM Reunion

And for those of you who thought different (like myself), Paulina Taylor is a d00d.

Hypertech's site is http://www.hypersoundtech.com/ but hasn't been updated in a while.



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thanks so much for your help.

i downloaded bounce and breaks side and gabber side from audiogalaxy and want to order a tape from an event called "smile", i will check out cloud nine the next time im in toronto for sure, that guy has tons of stuff i can never find anywhere else

thanks again :)
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i like it a lot, its old style mostly and its really hard and really yummy :D
its the kind of happy hardcore i like the best so i prefer it over bounce as bounce is alotta anthems, which isnt a bad thing but its not nearly as good as breaks side.

if you icq me i can send it to ya.


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I don't have icq anymore, but I know where to find it.

If you're looking for olskool/breaky hardcore, I'd be more than happy to make ya a tape.

Let me know.



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I picked up a copy of Thunder Opera at Cloud 9 a while ago, perhaps there are still some there.
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