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Paul Wall

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

ED Larry

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i'll agree with you... not heavy in my rotation, and not usually something i would like, but it's a decent listen. better then most stuff coming out of there.


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great cd, prety good production too-big fan of the paul

the chick magnet cd is not bad either
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Tony Bandana

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ok this is what i find about this shit coming out of Houston.

this sound they have...not really mainstream shit..

lot of the hooks that Paul Wall and Mike Jones use remind me of the old days...meaning they use samples of other old tracks and loop em' along with some good old scratching here and there.

lyrical ok...its debatable?

but right now...I like it.


ps . Mike Jones / Still Trippin is Big time
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Juan Love

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"Gucci shades up in my brades when I Esco'-lade..."

still tippin' on the Diplo remix...featuring "Down By The Water" by the girl of my erotic nightmares...Polly Jean Harvey.


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I'ma player, I'ma hustler, I'ma mac (I'ma mac)
Candy paint, swangas on the cadillac (The cadillac)
Paint drippin' kinda damp, Paul Wall the people's champ
I wonder what them haters think about that ('Bout that)

from Mike Jones Perfect Team, Part 3 .. oldie but goodie.


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Paul Wall is pretty hype in my books. not the most mond blowing shit but definately entertaining.

Sittin' Sidewayz is my fav. track of his :D
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