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Paul Walker@Technically Larger 2.0


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What can I say about tonight other than Paul Walker rocked the place hard. It was a great set of very intense techno to blast the place to pieces.
Once I started dancing there was no way I was gonna stop. I was at the first Technically Larger, and Walker's set tonight was a lot more intense than the first one he dropped -- A great way for me to wrap up a weekend of partying.

I got there about 11 listened to the nice pumping house and nice hard techno Ira Cain and Erwin J threw down. Unfortunately the place didn't really pick up until midnight, so the dancefloor was empty for awhile. But once it picked up, the place filled up fast.

Urban Underground is a smaller sized venue but a great place to have a party. It's got a great atmosphere and you didn't feel like you were packed in like sardines in a can. This was the second event Larger Events has run there. They've got a weekly running there Saturday nights doing Deep House. Check it out you won't be disappointed.

And thanks to Mike, the promoter for his great hospitality.

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Yea, it was pretty dacent. A little too packed on the dance floor for my likings, but i had a really good time. Paul walker spun a nice- tight set. Very danceable.



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What a fun night. Too bad I had to leave early (good ol' work).. But Paul Walker had me brockin out to his set. All in all great party cant wait for this one.. Hamilton needs something like this, just hoping it stays. Now how about some jungle in this city?? *wink wink*


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Great party.
Walker threw down one of the best sets I've heard him play. A bit on the tech-house tip, which was great because I last time I saw him he was playing full on hard techno, which I love but had trouble getting into.
Wicked crowd, but that's to be expected in Hamilton.
Urban Underground is a nice little club too, great sound and setup. Some ventilation is needed in there badly though.
Can't wait for the next parties. Good job Larger.


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Kick ass show, Paul Walker threw down an amazing show and the club Urban Underground is a great place, see you all next weekend.
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