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Paul Walker at Casbah..


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so, wtf happened at this?.. i was in no state to be thrown on the street.. as im sure alot of other people werent either..

props to mr. walker.. ive never seen a dj throw down 3 tracks.. and have everyone talking about his set after..

what a fuking bomb first few tracks... YOU ROCK.. i will be coming out to see you more often for sure...



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This pissed me off!
I was so pumped to see one of my fav's throw down, and when I get there, the police had run amuck.
Fuckin' Hamilton cops.
I feel bad that Mr. Walker only got to play a few tracks. I hope he comes back.

Are there going to be anymore events at the Casbah? Or was this shutdown just a freak occurance?


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I was reviewing the event at Casbah (for another site not Tribe). I was by the door when the event got shut down. The cops shut it down for over crowding. The venue holds 130 and there was over 225 people there. The police said at first it could continue if some people were cleared out and others kept inside with the music down. The bouncers or promoters (not sure who they were) just cleared the place out.

I was told the promoters had all the proper premits and that there was no legal reason for shutting the party down. What the police would say I don't know, because I didn't question the supervising officer.

I was also told a free party will follow to make up for the shutdown.

John Guise


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My deepest apologies go out to everyone who attended on Saturday night. The details are still not 100% clear at this time as to the motivation or reasons behind the unfortunate actions that took place on Saturday Evening. As the promoter, my preferable choice for a course of action was for the event to proceed. People had paid their money and wanted to dance. I wanted to provide them with the goods. The choice to shut down the venue, was made by the venue.

I feel terrible for the people who gave me their Saturday night and were left with less than a full bill of goods. You do not deserve to be treated in such a way. I know that I would not want to have this happen to me. I started promoting these nights in Hamilton because I could not find a venue with the music I wanted to hear, that treated their customers with any amount of respect or care. Aside from myself, there were a great team of people who worked hard to make this event special. Those individuals know who they are, and they are some very talented & special people. Unfortunately, not everyone in this city shares my positive outlook on people and partying.

Once the all of the details on what exactly happened are known, I will be taking the most appropriate action I can think of. I will be presenting another event featuring Paul Walker. This date will be free of charge. The only public announcement of this forthcoming date will be made through the mailing list at a short notice. If you have any friends who attended on Saturday night, please make sure they are on the Larger Events Mailing list. If they are not, they can sign up for it at www.LargerEvents.com

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to attend one of the events I have presented. Your smiles and support mean everything to me and provide me with the motivation to do these events in the first place.

A huge round of thanks & respect to the guy on Caroline street who threw a great after party. Praise to Paul Walker for tearing up the man's living room until 8:30 AM. Paul's skills are undeniable, and the track selection consistently flawless. The staggering number of white labels that he pulled out of his bag won't be soon forgotten.

Of all the people I have met in the business of Dance Music, Paul Walker stands out as truly inspiring person. If everyone lived by the same code of conduct that Paul maintains, the world would be a better place.

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