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Paul Martin passin' tha dutch...


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OTTAWA (CP) - Prime Minister Paul Martin says his government will reintroduce legislation to decriminalize simple possession of marijuana when Parliament sits again in the new year.

Martin indicated Thursday that the bill, first brought in under Jean Chretien, could be toughened in committee before it passes. "I think that one's got to take a look at the fines," he said. "I think that you have to take a look the quantities, and I think that there has to be a larger effort against the grow-ops and against those who distribute."

But the prime minister said he agrees with the principle that young people should not be dogged throughout life by a criminal record if they are caught in possession of small amounts of pot.

The Supreme Court of Canada is set to rule next week on a challenge to the current marijuana law in which the key issue is whether criminal penalties, including jail time, for simple possession violate the Charter of Rights.

Martin's comments clearly signalled that, even if the high court upholds the constitutionality of the present law, his government will still move to change it.

The prime minister's remarks came as he prepared to meet Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams, who was in Ottawa to confer on unrelated regional issues.

Ditto Much

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For the last little while I have felt that decriminalizing was a method of Jean's to piss off Bush. Yes it would be nice to legalize it but when it really came down to it, Trudeau tried and it was really just to piss on Nixon, Jean didn't bother until Bush got in power.

I wonder if Martin is just playing the same game.


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who cares, as long as it goes through.

this is a piece of law that should and would have been passed long ago...and probably would have been, were it not for the morality police.


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Martin is not trying to piss off Bush. Martin knows that we need that political connection economically.
Perhaps, and this might seem like a crazy idea, Martin may honestly feel that the current laws are innefective and more of a burden to both our criminal justice system and to those who have recieved criminal records for possesing a J.

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with all the corporate tax cuts, and his skittish behaviour in regards to the mass transit injection promised by chretien, this is certainly a suprising but welcome indication.

now, if only he can proceed down a similar path with same-sex marriages, martin might covince me he is still a liberal yet.


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Pass Da Brownies

Martin also admitted to eating hash brownies. He said they "tasted funny", and didn't affect him at all.

It was in the Globe this morning, but somehow that part has been removed from the online version.

Subsonic Chronic

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I'm starting to have mixed feelings on the whole decriminalization thing. Before weed was decriminalized, cops would just let you off with a warning and destroy your stash most of the time.

I've never been in any trouble with the law myself... but I'd rather a stern talknig to than a $400 fine (currently fines would range from $150 to $400). Martin wants to increase fines even more, as well as increase jail time for growers and people with larger quantities than 15 grams.

It's sending out some pretty mixed messages, IMO. They're basically saying "you can have a little on you and it's not a big deal to be smoke it every now and then, but if we catch you growing it we gonna fux you up!"
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Re: Pass Da Brownies

Originally posted by Adam
Martin also admitted to eating hash brownies. He said they "tasted funny", and didn't affect him at all.

It was in the Globe this morning, but somehow that part has been removed from the online version.

Probably because the political dudes in the States read the online version... smart on the part of the Globe to do this.

Now if only the media would be very quiet while this went through...
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The Star left it up though:

Asked about his own experience with pot, Martin, 65, said yesterday, "I never smoked anything." But "I will tell you that there was an earlier time many years ago when (his wife) Sheila made brownies and I must say they did have a strange taste."

I have the paper copy of the Globe with me:

He has tried drugs only that one time and it happened when some friends came over to visit. The friends had the hash and a suggestion was made that they bake some brownies. Mr Martin has said the brownies had no effect on him. He smiles when he says this.